So, ASU requires the use of the "Respondus Lockdown Browser" for exams. And guess what. It doesn't support Linux. Heck, it even detects if it's running under a VM so I have no choice but to install Windows.
Luckily ASU provides a free Windows License.
I'm just scared that windows will mess up my Linux installation. I have Linux on a SSD, and an extra HDD for files, where I'll install windows. Hopefully noting blows up.

@kensp in my experience as long as you use a bootloader that can deal with it you're fine. I've installed Windows 10 next to Arch multiple times; never had issues with the configuration (using rEFInd as my bootloader).

Sucks about the program though. Good luck on your exams!

I'm using UEFI, and ill be installing windows on a different physical disk. So it affect the bootloader. But windows is windows.

@kensp Windows Installer WILL overwrite your bootloader. Just make sure you have a live CD of your distro to restore it

@kensp god damn, really? UA didn't require anything like that

We needed that for the math placement tests too. It basically records your webcam and microphone, and prevents you from opening any windows when writing the exam.

@kensp @matt Could you run it under Wine? I know that's not ideal, ESPECIALLY for a browser, but is it not at the very least possible?

@Batcastle @matt
It's a fairly complicated process to run it under wine. (since you need to modify the executable or something)
Plus I don't wanna risk my grades...
It would feel dirty running windows on a system76, though

@kensp @Batcastle Now that I think about it, there was one class at UA where they insisted on a similar program to take exams. I flat out told them that my computer doesn't even have a webcam or microphone, so therefore I could not meet the requirements of the app.

Which is true...if you are talking my desktop computer ;)

Also because I was an online student, they wanted me to send in a scan of my gov't ID. No f'ing way.

I opted instead to do an in-person proctor.

Maybe you can do that?

@matt @Batcastle this is going to be a in person exam. We'll just be using our own laptops.

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