Tried to install arch on my gazzele pro, and transfer my rice. But I just can't get pulse audio to work, and the I started having problems with network... Sucks...might have to try a different distribution. Maybe manjaro i3? I could

@kensp If you want to try another Arch-like distro, Antergos directly uses the Arch repos (plus their own) so it's a little more Arch-like than Manjaro. You might give that a shot first. Good luck!


I use antergos and I like it better than Manjaro...its more Archie than Manjaro is...but I never get the name is it called ? Lolz

@dpreacher @kensp uses their own repos. They hold back Arch packages to test them for stability before moving them into their repos. is more of a graphic installer for Arch. They directly use the Arch repos plus one of their own that holds a couple of Antergos-specific packages.

@dpreacher Both and are great distros! I was only recommending Antergos over Manjaro if @kensp wants something "more Arch-like". I don't like some of the choices Antergos makes for its users (lightdm instead of gdm with the gnome install, for instance) but they are very easy to fix.

@ajdunevent @dpreacher
I'll try both of them out. As long as I can get pulse audio to work, I'm all good.
Though I need to port my rice over, so hopefully that doesn't mess anything up.

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