Is it possible that in the long run, #Git will have a greater impact on the world than the Linux kernel itself?

... Just thinking about how many companies use Git

... Also spent the morning working on a project and just reminded how elegant Git is

@harriskenny by "git", do you mean the site, or the method of collaboration, including gitlabs?

By "Linux", do you mean the kernel, or the GPL's method of allowing collaboration?


@malin @harriskenny
I think he means "git" as in the git client, and "Linux" as in the Linux kernel. Coz both of them are linus' creations.

@kensp @malin yes that's right, git like the software/version control system and Linux kernel I meant specifically the Linux kernel

@harriskenny @kensp Well, git could exist without Linux, but at present people use Git to make Linux. I don't know if such a collaborative project could exist without the proper collaboration tools.

So if we're not including Gitlab I'm guessing people would say Linux would be a shit-show without the collaboration tools. But if we're imagining Linux surviving without Git, then I'd say the number of embedded devices, the cyber-security protection, et al. suggest to me that Linux does more work.

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