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Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

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What do you do when you're bored.

I do `sudo pacman -Syu`

A 4 node #RaspberryPi cluster that runs #Plan9

That means that your filesystem, terminal and CPU intensive commands are basically independent from each other. All in one neat package.

And that etching πŸ‡

Google is trying to pull a fast one.

I manage mail for several domains which have existed for years. Each one has perfect SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc., and none are blacklisted anywhere.

Yet suddenly in the last two weeks all of them are getting mails bounced by Gmail. To "solve" this problem Google want me to register the domains at their postmaster site.

This whole situation has a whiff reminiscent of Mallaig harbour.

#Google #Gmail #SurveillanceCapitalism

What kind of account would you make your friends in GNU cash?
I'm just gonna make it Cash.

How to start a business:

1. Find a problem
2. Create a solution for it
3. Profit


1. Create a problem
2. Sell an adapter for it
3. Profit

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pandoc-citeproc seems to be ignoring latex fields.
Heres my bib file
title={Hidden Intellectualism},
author={Gerald Graff},
editor={Gerald Graff},
publisher={W. W. Norton & Company},
booktitle={They say I Say with Readings},

But here's its output
Graff, Gerald. 2003. β€œHidden Intellectualism.” Edited by Gerald Graff, 264–71.

Any idea how i would fix this?

Little tip:

Use less of your Upload Quota by slighty increasing the RF value of your videos in the Video Section of Handbrake.

Your videos will lose a little bit of quality, but the size will greatly reduce.

Today I have reduced a 700mb video to 50mb, while keeping it's quality :)

I recommend keeping it lower than 28


Would it be possible to create a commentg-section tool like Disqus but that uses the activity pub protocol (or maybe there is already one) ? Would be nice to have an open source alternative to disqus which can allow anyone on the fediverse to comment.

To dogs, being taken for a run is like an escort mission in a video game where your run speed is faster than the NPC but your walk is slower

My team just won the second prize for devil's invent hackathon at ASU! We're going to Texas, baby!

So I'm stuck.
I'm got a JSON file that I'm parsing in python using the json library.
One of the values is a text field that goes like this:


I'm displaying this on a webpage using flask with data["text"]
But it seems like those html codes are being automatically being escaped to &lt;
How do I prevent that.

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