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Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

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Aweful day...
Did a bunch of travelling for nothing.
I still have to get home. Ugh. It's too freaking hot.

The ActivityPub Pub Protocol is beautiful!
And Its so well documented!

Self diagnosis using Google is scary. Never self diagnose on Google.


Ahem... Ahem...

Apparently, my face can open my brother's lock if I'm in a dark room. (my brother's dark)

So much for security.

github pro tips:

you can add .patch to the end of any pull request url or commit url to get a perfect patch.

open a terminal and type:

BOOM. instant patch made from pull request.



BOOM. instant patch made from git commit.

mind = blown.

Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

Yeh haseen vaadiyan

I think I'm just gonna post A R Rehman for the next 6 months.

Damn it. I lost my wallet.

It had about $50 worth of money in various currencies, both my debit cards, my PAN card, and my Adhar card.

Damn it! This is one of those moments where you wish you could back up your physical wallets.

I'm telling you, if you use on your website it's like spitting into the face of the people that want to use your service.

"Use quotes to protect against accident globification" is a real sentence a sysadmin can use.

So, when Luke Smith introduced Groff, I felt he was going too far, and it was too clunky and complicated.

But as I'm reading more about it, I'm getting more and more interested.

I can see this being super useful combined with a continuous serial printer.

I'm gonna try it out for some real typesetting work and see how it works for me. Bringing out latex for simple documents is overkill. I'm not sure how it will compete with markdown.

I'll bet that Linux purists will like this one. :)

"A buffer overflow vulnerability in the dhcp6 client of systemd allows a malicious dhcp6 server to overwrite heap memory in systemd-networkd. Affected releases are systemd: versions up to and including 239."

Dil dhadakne do (let the hearts beat)
Title Track

The video is so damn colourful.

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