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Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

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Yikes. What a night. I didn't think that Homebrew would be so strong.

Imma go hydrate.

When @sophia can feel non binary while having a femme aesthetic, why can't I feel femme while having a masculine aesthic.

set -C will prevent the shell from overwriting existing files with the > operator (can always be overriden with the >| operator). Consider adding this to your shell's rc file.

Housing in Arizona is basically mafia.

I'm sick of it.

Just played through portal 1. It's really not a very long game.





And maybe I realised that subconsciously because, I have been "Hiding" stuff from mastodon. In fact, I have felt like I couldn't post freely anymore. So to counted that, and get a few secrets out, I'm gonna reveal a few things about myself.

I am a bit sceptical if this is even a good idea, but it's thing I have told a few of my good friends, and wouldn't want to hide from anyone but wouldn't really bring it up. The only real people I would want to hide it from would be my parents. [3/3]

I didn't post anything I wanted to hide, but I guess things that were more convenient when kept a secret. After I came to America, I shared those things with friends I made here. Around this time, I also started using the fediverse a lot less. I've realised now, that people back home are more likely to find out things about me through mastodon or my website, than through me or my friend. So its a nice way to "reveal" things without the confrontation...


A while back my brother created an account on the fediverse when he couldn't contact me. (My laptop was dead so I wasn't checking email, and my phone plan was over so he couldn't call). For a second I thought, will he actually start using mastodon? Of course, he didn't. But it was interesting because, I often posted things here that I would bring up with people I know in real life. It felt like a "safe space"....

Today marks my 1 year in America.

Gotta say, it feels like this has been the longest year of my life.

Made some Dal chaval...
Added some achar...
Wah wah wah.

There's a fine line between use and abuse. But it doesn't actually matter if you're already 6 feet past it.

I've surrounded myself with the wrong kind of people.

Posting from my new (old) ZTE. This phone is huge!

Black Friday is almost here.
I'm looking for a new phone.
Well, my mom is forcing me to buy a new phone. I'm quite happy with what I currently have.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
I want something cheap. Something open source friendly.

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