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Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

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There is only one Linux game in this month's Hunble Bundle... This is so sad

Lost my laptop charger. So Underclocked my CPU to run at 400MHz. Honestly I dont feel that much of a difference. It is slow. But totally usable.

Hello! Welcome to my #introduction ! I’m just a simple dude who likes books, games and memes. Top game is a tie between windwaker and persona 5. Top book: Greenglass house. Top food: spaghetti. Again, hello! And now, goodbye.

I got one B- in a HU/SB class and I'll need 5 A+s to displace it.

The class was "Gender and Society"

This makes no sense at all.


Wow, I'm really not enjoying college. So much fluff, so little learning.

Has anyone been personally affected by the 2019 Pulwama attack in Kashmir? Does anyone know someone who has been?

I'm writing an ethics paper on the subject and it would be really cool if I could get a few quotes from someone who is actually *in* India and experiencing the effects firsthand. A close friend of mine lives in Kashmir and the last time anyone saw or heard from him was August 4th; he's the reason I chose this topic.

I was testing the screenshot functionality of a script I'm tinkering with. I took a screenshot of my desktop w/ my terminals open and all. Opened it in an image viewer, but it was too small to see so I hit the fullscreen shortcut.

The image viewer disappears and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for it to go fullscreen... only to realize that it's already fullscreen and I've been staring at it the whole time.

I haven't been doing my homework that was due last week but I did update my website ( 😇

Looks like ISRO uses Gnome 2 or something haha.

Also something went wrong. I think the lander crashed.

The ISRO landing also has English Commentary, check it out.

Live stream of Chandrayaan landing on south pole of moon starting in less than an hour.

Im a fucking computer science major. I shouldn't be stressing out about psychology or archeology or gender studies. But thats all i seem to do. Maybe these classes are easy for americans but this curriculum makes no sense to me.

I have Fucked up hard. Gender and society is the worst class i will take in my whole life.

PDF forms are the worst thing ever. They never work.

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