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Who needs Ironman when you have Mr. Lokhandwala.

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Quarantine is boring like crazy!
I think I'm gonna stream some thing. Maybe Final Fantasy on NES!
Or maybe there's a multiplayer game we can play?

My genes suck so gonna be balding in a few years...

Better look up some good bald hairstyles.

Finished Doom 2016 today. It's an absolutely amazing game. I finally understand what the hype behind doom eternal is.

Rip and tear!

Prawns rava (semolina) fry!
It's actually better than what my mom used to make :P

Tech support sucks... I have never had a Tech support person give me any solution other the. "Reset the Modem/Router"

I had an issue with my modem routing IPv6 but not IPv4. So I was stuck with IPv6 only. (google and Facebook worked, Reddit, Microsoft didn't)

His response was... Must be blocked sites in parental controls. Better reset the modem and router. Lemme send "signals" from my side... All it did was reboot the modem.

I just described the problem... He didn't even known what IPv4/6 is.

I just bought Doom 2016.

I'd be more excited but it's gonna take a few days to download... It's 60 GB...

Do you ever just do something and think,
"Well, that's a shit way to do it. But I have no idea how I could do this better, and I ain't getting paid (enough), so I'm not gonna spend my day planning".

I wish I could work on something that I actually enjoy.

I took on front end work because that's what I know best and it sucks. I think I'll do a proper rant about it.

But yeah, I'm not really enjoying college anymore either. I'm neither one of those party kids, and neither can I work all day for those grades.

I'm not even a good programmer. I wanna learn, but I'm at a point where working alone is just making me a worse programmer. I need to work under experienced programmers.

Sad, nihilism, quarantine 

For real though, I've actually always been a Bournvita guy.

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I'll never get tired as long as y'all keep boosting my posts.

Because boost is the secret of my energy.

Flights banned to India...

Corona is sucking the life out of me.

You know... Bioshock infinite isn't that great of a game. The gunplay is shit. Enemies, especially bosses, have way too much health, pointlessly extending the fight. I like the story, but it just gets too tangled up sometimes. Also apparently bioshock is a horror game? Infinite is definitely not.

Also Elizabeth has kind of a huge head.

I have spent the last two hours trying to add a static IP to a device.

The fuck.

Alright. Is there a way to recover the partition table.

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