Following the conversation on @tbeckett's #facebook announcement that he's deleting his account has been kinda fascinating.

There's almost an assumption of social death and feelings of abandonment, which demonstrates how deeply the mediated commodification of our relationships have gotten.

I plan of winding down my account and replacing it with a sockpuppet for unavoidable things following my big work conference in June, and am curious to see how it plays out for me...

@mattcropp @tbeckett

As someone with no FB account, the assumptions of social death often leave me a bit bemused.

I made an early fairly private choice that I didn't like the nature of FB. It wasn't a particularly technical or privacy related choice, but a kind of hunch-y ethical one. Something about the way MZ talked about it alerted me to something.

Absolutely nothing bad has happened to me as a result. I'm socially connected and totally OK.



@mattcropp @tbeckett
I am in the same boat. Just didn't like the feel of Facebook or the junk that I heard about that came along with it. Never made an account and I'm perfectly happy and don't feel like I've missed out on anything. In fact I feel like fb users are the ones that have missed out on doing better things with their time.

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