Looking at #Accuweather:
* Omaha, #NE: 24F, with snow and fog
* Jefferson City and Columbian, #MO: 33F and 32F with light fog
* Kansas City ( #KS and #MO ): 30F and cloudy
* Fort Lauderdale, #FL: 78F and mostly cloudy
* Binghamton, #NY: 31F, with light snow and fog; Binghamton is the only place in the NE corner of the country that I still track
* Phoenix, #AZ: 41F and sunny

In SE Kansas, 30F and cloudy; in SW Missouri, 33F and cloudy; in NW Arkansas, 35F and partly sunny.
@kelbot I need to figure out what part of #MS I'm going to next week, so I can make my reservations. I just don't want to open up the work laptop to do it yet.

Hopefully it is near the coast. Our weather is forecasted to be very pleasant for the foreseeable future. A little further north they will be getting that cold front and some rain.

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