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I wrote a blog post about palm pilots.

I haven't even spell checked it, and I'll probably do a second draft tonight or tomorrow, but the core points are out (and I'm a publish early and iterate often kind of guy)

This is just impressions that I have had from using a palmOne computer regularly over the last ~2 months.

kelbot @kelbot

I enjoyed this blog post. I wish a lot of the palm pilot functionality would have evolved into ereaders but it didn't happen that way.

Basically, a thinner eink palm pilot would be an awesome companion.

Ebooks, RSS feeds, notes, audio player, email, games. Readable in sunlight and weeks of battery life, yes please!

A basic phone to occasionally tether to is all I would need.

If I had something like this that could render full page pdfs in a sensible way I would buy it in a heartbeat.