Finally deleted - the only FB service I've used in recent years. Been using a range of FOSS apps for a while. Wish more people would go for Element/Riot (whatever they're called now!), but if folks leave WA for Signal/Telegram that's still a great step

@keenan I use it to keep in touch with my supervisor while working from home but I'll be making my exit soon as well. I refuse to tap the accept button on the new terms. Not sure what to move to for video calling that my supervisor is willing to install on her device.

@keenan Sadly not too much are moving into those services, which are superior in features and privacy. I think if Element would be easier to integrate to Telegram, it would be a nice add on.


Absolutely. I think matrix apps like Element have so much potential

Element/Mattermost<-----discord, slack, ms teams etc

Signal<------SMS, imessage, whatsapp, viber, fbmessenger etc

@keenan I even have tech literate people I cant convince to get off Whatsapp, its crazy

@SciencePhysicist @keenan ist that because they can't be bothered, or because they have their own contacts on WhatsApp that they don't want to miss though?

@lowdude @SciencePhysicist

I would have left WA years ago had it not been for two big family groups, so presumably others have similar contacts/groups they want to remain in touch with.

@lowdude @keenan yeah - one of them doesn't care about the the data collection etc and the other is yeah thats where all my contacts are.

After the new terms of service, I'm seriously considering closing my whatsapp

@SciencePhysicist @keenan i guess that comes down to how much you'd miss out on in terms of social interaction. most of my friends I could reach on 4 or more different platforms so in that case it wouldn't be a hard choice, whereas my family would then have to resort to SMS

@SciencePhysicist @lowdude @keenan I understand your earlier point "I even have tech literate people I cant convince to get off Whatsapp" but if you are still using whatsapp yourself maybe you are the one who needs to be convinced 😆
(If you dont show them that you are serious why should they care? Get in touch with them and ask them what alternative they would like to use to communicate with you and also tell them that you will delete WA at day X. Maybe than they will also think about it in a more serious way, good luck.)

@Lamdarer @SciencePhysicist @lowdude I think even people who have an inkling of how invasive these apps are sometimes turn a blind eye for the sake of the immediate convenience. There's also the 'I have nothing to hide' argument which I hear a lot, which is similarly complacent of what's going on. But each to their own! I for one am delighted to have broken from that shackle now.

Are you sure you deleted it? I'm asking because I have had deleted my WhatsApp account too, but people kept sending me messages for months and calling me on the phone to ask why don't I never respond! WhatsApp never really deleted my account. It still appeared fully operational to everyone which ultimately made me reinstall it because people were mad at me for not responding.

@DarthChillash Yukk... Yes that seems to be the case for me too. My wife is able to message and call me, even if I can't receive them. Surely it'll delete after a period! Will investigate.

Please keep me posted if your account ever gets fully deleted.

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