Finally deleted - the only FB service I've used in recent years. Been using a range of FOSS apps for a while. Wish more people would go for Element/Riot (whatever they're called now!), but if folks leave WA for Signal/Telegram that's still a great step

Looking for ideas for a nice, elegant, subtle but contrasting web typeface pairing. Ideally not using G**gle Font. Suggestions welcome!

If you haven't already done so, it is very much worth taking the time to listen to this in full:

Using an appimage for the first time. Nice and straight forward, no faff. I like it.

I've been playing around with for a couple of weeks now and really liking it thus far ... Set up some LSP stuff today, so now getting all the niceties that one gets in VSCode.

Seriously, having enjoyed the v for years as an observer, now that I've actually tried both I just don't get it. They are completely different things.

Will I go the full-hog and become an everything-in-Emacs user? Too early to say.

So I've found myself seriously considering trying . Not sure how/why!

Time spent sorting out one's vimrc is somehow very enjoyable.

Anybody here got experience with creating websites in ASP.NET, specifically sites with a blogging element? Most of the existing blogging engine packages on Nuget don't seem to be being maintained these days, but I may be wrong. Any/all thoughts welcome.

Greetings everyone on! I joined Mastodon a year or so ago (@galambborong) and have long had the feeling that I wanted to join an instance with a bit more of a community feel. So, here I am - looking forward to enthusing on all things Linux and many other topics too!


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..