Internet tip: Always do research before getting outraged

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I think i will try to install gentoo on my spare laptop tomorrow, any advice?

Nothing better than installing a linux distro for the first time on a friend's laptop :thinkergunsunglasses:

Going to start using a different desktop environment in 2019. Any suggestions?

I only allow open source spyware in my devices!

When my Internet goes off I feel terrified that it will never come back on. This is irrational and obsessive, I know... But still...

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of @HexDSL's new forum. I've already popped the new topics feed into my RSS reader so I can keep in-the-loop without a dedicated browser tab.

@ChrisWere @thelinuxgamer SPCR is now ProtonDB with a snazzy new design check it out! 🐧🐧🐧 🐧🐧🐧

also, this happened in Discord this week.... i have no context for you.. its better this way :|

Saw some fool refer to linux as a "sinking ship" on a forum and now I am pissed off and triggered. This is what has resulted from the bullshit overreaction to the CoC

i have managed to install the base system :gentoo:, i did that Friday night; but every time i try to install a desktop environment it fails. i have had enough so leaving it now.

I am going to have another attempt at Gentoo this weekend. :gentoo: wish me luck...

On I have , but I've yet to find a client that I like enough to use over

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