I used for long time on and off. But I never really attached to it ;-)
I guess because I'm too lazy to modify the configuration and always relies on tiling when needed.
Until recently that I found .tmux (github.com/gpakosz/.tmux) configuration. It simply amazing. Has key binding and works out of the box.
I call it fancy Tmux because made my terminal super beautiful without adding any overhead.

@kasra_mp nice, I’ll have to check this out as I fall in the same boat of users I feel


@ignitionigel - definitely give a try. It's so easy to configure and the outcome is great. Basically it's a one liner command:
cd && git clone github.com/gpakosz/.tmux.git && ln -s -f .tmux/.tmux.conf && cp .tmux/.tmux.conf.local .
To have the best outcome I recommend to install poweline-font alongside.
If you are Ubuntu user, you can do so by:
sudo apt-get install fonts-powerline

@kasra_mp nice, thanks. I’m on Ubuntu currently so will check it out.

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