GPD-Pocket2でDebian 10.4 live起動確認。
と言う事でCore M 8100Yにはバグは無さそう。
Chuwi Ubook Pro特有のバグと推定。

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@kapper1224 beautiful. I don't understand japanese but I like your posts about GPD Pocket and GNU/Linux. Please keep posting that.

@ademalsasa Thank you and I'm sorry for my Japanese.
If you want to know it, please tell me it, and thank you.

@kapper1224 no no, nothing to sorry about your language. Yes, thanks for your offering. Last year I made summary article about GNU/Linux hardware and I included there GPD and it is interesting to me. Thanks for bringing it up here to life.

@ademalsasa I'm sorry, GPD devices have a lot of critical hardware and firmware bugs and I don't buy it any more...
It is too dangerous to me.

@kapper1224 mmmm, noted, thank you for informing me. I am interested to such computer as long as they come preinstalled with GNU/Linux or a GNU/Linux distro endorsed it. I interested to GPD because @ubuntumate endorsed it.

@kapper1224 Kapper, I am looking at your slideshare right now. What do you think about current @PINE64 @UBports and @purism Librem? I think they are great. If I could test one, I would be very happy.

@ademalsasa @PINE64 @Ubports @purism

It is very exciting devices, I think.
Pine64 and UBPorts... I'm using it now. Purism Librem is too expensive now...
I introduce Linux in new devices and inexpensive devices now...

@kapper1224 okay, I also think they are exciting devices! Thanks, please keep sharing.

PS: hello @seb, I know you are interested in PINE64, and here is Kapper who hacks so many amounts of Pine hardware and alike! I believe you will be interested in this.

@kapper1224 this is amazing, Kapper. I am glad I talked to you. Good luck!


@kapper1224 @ademalsasa btw, which kernel are you using?

I once installed NixOS there, but it was much more suffering than pleasant. So it lies, waiting for its time and gathering dust.
@kapper1224 @ademalsasa wow, now i see that this beautiful device has a future. Thank you very much!

@sojka thanks for involving me too in this discussion! I do not have GPD so I am curious.


@ademalsasa thank you, without you there would not be this discussion!

@sojka ah, it is nothing, birdy. I am happy I found so many new friends like you after making that post!

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