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lot of people saying in Australia that any efforts we make to reduce our carbon emissions are pointless because we're 'only' responsible for 1.4% of global emissions

which is bullshit, but

the phrase that gets thrown around is, 'a drop in the ocean'. well. me being bored just now did some maths.


this site claims there's 1.335 billion cubic kilometres of water in the ocean.

1.4% of that is 187 sextillion litres. that's 49 sextillion US gallons.

more than a drop

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oh shit it's been a hot minute since i logged on here

i'll have you nerds know i just got my first ever job (i'm 25 lol) and it's online audio transcription and it pays buggerall but i just got confirmed for 50c US


Nice to see I can get on the site again! Hello everyone!

I'm not having any success yet finding a convenient way to control sound in i3. There's gotta be something out there right? I'd really like a tray icon with a volume slider, and working function keys, and one of those nice notification pop-up squares like in gnome.

Also my big computer won't boot now! i'm looking forward to having solved that mess

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Why not leave all this instance blocking nonsense up to individual users? Seems like every time I log on there's some new "that server isn't blocking Nazis hard enough" scandal, instances blocking other instances left and right over kneejerk reactions. Just how much of the fediverse has been decided by admins to be not good enough for me?

There's a program on ABC News 24 right now, that says it would cost $40 billion to solve homelessness in Australia. Apparently we keep putting off dealing with it because it's "too expensive". But who would be paying for it? idk man

I've disassembled and dusted (and reassembled!) my laptop, and joy of joys the fan is not making horrible noises anymore. Also bought an SSD to replace the existing hard drive, certainly makes it boot faster but idk it still takes a while for Firefox to open, for example. Not sure how well I can expect this 10+ year old machine to perform...

Oh, yeah, now I have to get version control working between two Unity installs. It couldn't be that hard, right?

I've been struck down with the common sickness! Taking about half a dozen assorted medicines and I still feel like frozen blue-tack. Cat wants to go for walks but no. No no no.

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~~ GNOME and capitalism ~~ 

*I* use apps and a DE to launch them on *my* machine and *I* decide the look of the icons

GNU/Linux distributions decide the default look of the software *they* ship

If some GNOME developers want to be like Apple or Google just ship GNOME OS and just support it and not any other distribution of their software

I've had a couple 

I just wanna make this real clear:

Fuck the government

'Government' itself? Real good shit

But this one we have right now in Australia

Not a fan of a great many certain things they're responsible for.

Anyone got any advice for printing, say, a US letter sized cardboard hmd template onto A4 paper? My feeling is if I tell the printer not to scale anything then it'll at least come out the right size...

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After much bashing my head against Unity (the game engine) (the experimental Linux version) over the last few days, I finally have a setup that can build cardboard VR apps for android. Yay!

The newest 2019.* version gave me all kinds of annoying errors, but thankfully the 2018.* version did not. Neither version seemed to properly download the android SDK for me but thankfully that's not hard to do separately.

Its the final moments before a scheduled house inspection

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