Sometimes my computer does this thing where after waking from suspend and unlocking GNOME, it freezes, but I can change between TTYs, and there are these graphical artifacts on the screen.

@jt let me guess, you are using nvidia binary drivers?

@jt personally when I faced this issue, it was mostly kernel oriented, might be worth installing an older/newer version of the kernel and see the results.

@jt Maybe it's a new CAPTCHA from Google, obfuscating the login to make sure you're not a bot? :thaenkin:

@hund still not as annoying as their current captchas

@jt I'm pretty sure if you look up the word "annoying" in a dictionary, you will find a description of Google CAPTCHA:s there. :|

@jt I'm seeing similar effects on a Debian box with integrated Intel graphics (Intel Celeron J3355). No suspend/resume involved, no GNOME involved, just switching from X11 to console makes that stuff appear most of the time (not always). Linux 4.18, though I'm not sure whether this is kernel related or not.

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