Nextcloud is taking over my phone. I have more Nextcloud-affected apps than Google apps on my home screen now.

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Got Nextcloud set up to host my calendar and all my contacts. No more Google syncing.

I can even see my text messages on my computer.

Got set up on an external drive. I'm using a 256 GB flash drive formatted as ext4...

This video made it super easy... I was like, it can't be this easy...

Setting up an external drive for storage is turning out to be difficult. It could be because the drive is corrupt lol... Oops!

I got NextCloud basically set up on my server. It looks pretty impressive. I like how you can create sharable download links.

Still gotta set up my external drive and point NextCloud there for data storage.

I'm wondering too if I can just dd this SD card to another to copy the installation.

Set up dynamic DNS. So convenient! Haha why have I never used this before.

How do you like to install Nextcloud?

I set up a script on the server that gets its public IP address and saves it to a file which syncs over Synthing, so I always can connect to it even when the IP address changes haha.

Slowly configuring my tiny server that will be used for NextCloud. Excited~

I've been using GNOME without extensions for the past 2 months. I guess it's not that bad.

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Delta's in-flight entertainment systems run Linux. It was Red Hat. One of the flight attendants said she had to reset the system because a lot of passengers were having issues.

Hmm... Apparently the GNOME calculator, system monitor, logs, and characters programs are installed as snaps in Ubuntu 18.04.

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kramer and newman get investigated by the sec for their start up “Bleedr” that sells young peoples blood to rich people with matching types. jerry breaks up with his gf after she leaves him a voicemail. elaine thinks she got a job as jeff bezo’s assistant, but he thinks they’re dating. george accidentally joins ISIS

My favorite thing about appimage is that I can download it once and transfer it to any computer. Saves my data.

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