Oooh looks like a Linux option is available on the Thinkpad X1 Carbons with the 11th gen Intel processors. It wasn't when I checked a few months ago. I wonder if I should get one.

I've been lurking on Mastodon recently. It's so cool that you can explore various other instances through their "Discover users" pages.

I gotta follow more people!

I've been looking for an OSM maps app on F-Droid. There are kind of a lot it seems like.

Also find this really cool app called StreetComplete that let's you answer questions about the map around you to contribute to OSM.

Pre-ordered my first Pinebook Pro for my dad for his birthday. Of course I'm gonna try it out... you know, so I can set it up for him and make sure it works. Good thing his birthday is months away.

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We're happy to announce that the #PinebookPro is back in stock at our webstore! This batch will come with @ManjaroARM @kde Edition preinstalled -- this brings the mainline Linux kernel to the Pinebook Pro as default. Expected delivery worldwide in May.

If the website fails to load, please don't F5 our server out of existence! Wait a bit and try again -- this is a large batch, there will be units available for quite some time

Finding out that a person posting a Raspberry Pi guide online is using Windows to write their SD card image.. it's kind of like like finding out your close friend has different political beliefs than you.

It doesn't mean you're not friends anymore. It just feels a little weird at first.

Upgraded from OBS 0.0.1 to OBS 24.0.3 about 10 minutes before I needed to use it. lol

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"Zuckerberg won't speak to the Guardian, so they built a bot trained on hundreds of thousands of his words and interviewed that instead. The result is golden."


Is the Pinebook Pro shipping now? And shipping regularly? According to their blogs and such, I'd think no, but the product page in the shop says in stock. Hmm...

Nextcloud is taking over my phone. I have more Nextcloud-affected apps than Google apps on my home screen now.

Got Nextcloud set up to host my calendar and all my contacts. No more Google syncing.

I can even see my text messages on my computer.

Got set up on an external drive. I'm using a 256 GB flash drive formatted as ext4...

This video made it super easy... I was like, it can't be this easy...

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Setting up an external drive for storage is turning out to be difficult. It could be because the drive is corrupt lol... Oops!

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I got NextCloud basically set up on my server. It looks pretty impressive. I like how you can create sharable download links.

Still gotta set up my external drive and point NextCloud there for data storage.

I'm wondering too if I can just dd this SD card to another to copy the installation.

Set up dynamic DNS. So convenient! Haha why have I never used this before.

How do you like to install Nextcloud?

I set up a script on the server that gets its public IP address and saves it to a file which syncs over Synthing, so I always can connect to it even when the IP address changes haha.

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Slowly configuring my tiny server that will be used for NextCloud. Excited~

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