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If I were to take out the bootable SSD from my computer and put it into an enclosure, would I be able to boot from it in another computer as normal after selecting it in the UEFI?

I assume it depends on how different the systems are from each other. Am I right? Does anyone have experience doing this?

Super interesting video showing the drain holes that are built into some ThinkPads to manage water spills on the keyboard.

My X240 lasted me for more than 4 years, and it was used when I bought it. I imagine it was used for almost 5 years total. I think that's a decent lifespan for something I had to use at work and home.

Found out my router is supported by OpenWRT/LEDE now :D

Once I replace my computer, I'm gonna see if I can install it.

Firmware updates coming to select ThinkPad models on Linux via LVFS!

Does anyone have complaints about Skylake processors? Especially concerning power management and dual-monitor support? I'm probably going to be using Linux kernel 4.9+, and I can't tell if issues I've read about are fixed or if people just stopped taking about them.

Time to find out if my ThinkPad is dead or not.

Oh no my ThinkPad x240 screen is black and the computer makes two beeps.

Found myself this morning low-key trying to reverse engineer the policy behind Twitter's "sensitive content" image filter.

One thing I found was that sexy skin tone plus some kind of censoring (blurring or black area) in the image sets it off, but the same picture without the censoring doesn't.

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I just started a bounty of 250€ for #Peertube support in #Newpipe. Check the issue for detailed information:

@Framasoft please share :)

If "cyber warfare" headlines were truthful:

Low-level employee with write permissions on entire network clicks on bad link and causes entire office to lose access to files that weren't backed up anywhere.

Is anybody working on a PeerTube app for Android?

Excuse you that's GNU/Linux.

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Apparently all payments using Venmo, including the real name, are public by default for everyone!

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I just felt the power of the #fediverse, and I was pleased when I figured out what I'd just seen: a podcast that was uploaded to a #peertube instance with a #hashtag I follow showed up in #mastodon. Awesome!

Can anybody recommend an Android app that shrinks or compresses photos? Either single photos or a batch.

It's amazing that our bodies can function for decades without rebooting.

My mom says that her Apple laptop is slow because she has a lot of pictures on it, and that someone at the Apple store agrees with this assessment.

*Sigh* I both irrationally and rationally dislike Apple, but I never thought the experience for a basic user would be this bad!