Is there anyone who can help me fix my ? I'm dual booted with 10 and 10. Here are some screen shots. I'd like to use Clover or at the very least rEFInd
When I installed Peppermind I told it to install the bootloader to /dev/sda5 but it didn't. System does not boot. Using a USB with AIO boot on it to boot system

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I just installed Peppermint OS and I love it. I think I’m done searching.😄😄😄😄😄

I think I am going to start using unless anyone has an alternative.

I'm hoping someone can me here. I did a full install to of a distro. I did something wrong when I created the EFI partition becuase its not bootable. The install is good because I was able to boot it from on another USB. Can I just copy Clover to the non booting USB? How do I fix this?

Hello world🙈 🙉 🙊 🙈🙉🙊🇲🇵🇺🇲🔈🔉🔊🎠

@johnharvey237 it works like email. You can send from gmail to yahoo but you can use the gmail account to sign into yahoo.

Most people just pick one instance but you can sign up for different ones if you like, since they all have a different crowd.

This one is for tech-talk. is more general. Others are made to be isolated from biggotry. Others are for porn.

Each instance should have a description about what it does so you can pick one that suits you.

Ffmpeg? If you want a gui and fancy stuff, there is open broadcast studio

@johnharvey237 i was going for an variant on "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

I think I'm in over my head with .

I keep doing terrible on the security check.

I was just looking for an alternate for my 6.1 on xda-developpers forum and wow! there is only one ROM that comes without google gapps! and that's an unofficial . Thankfully there is one, I really don't fancy building my own again, however, I get a feeling I'm going to be going down that path...

I just installed TheDesk from homebrew. Its different, its definately different.

@ChrisWere hey Chris, can you be recommend an open source screen and audio recording app, Mac and pc? Please, thanks

Hey, everyone. Use your favourite Jabber/XMPP client to register for! :xmpp:

We should collectively place more value on libraries. Libraries do so much for communities--both the people who need to be able to access information without hassle, and the writers who want their stories so accessible--and most of that work goes totally ignored.

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