You should probably stop using as a search engine.

appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

That doesn't leave many (any?) privacy-friendly search engines available online. Perhaps, I need to set up my own searchX instance.

At the end of the that article it states: "Oh, and just to be sure… everyone knows that DuckDuckGo (DDG) is also surveillance (and false marketing of privacy)."
I haven't checked on that statement.

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Bingo- duckduckNO indeed. #DDG:

* has already been caught violating their privacy policy
* #Amazon-hosted
* contracts with #privacy abuser #Verizon / #yahoo for ads & search API
* contracts with privacy-abuser #Microsoft for Bing results
* has a CEO w/history of privacy abuse via Names DB

If you run your own #searx instance, be sure to get it included in (a meta instance that filters out #cloudflare sites)

@n0btc @joel @duckduckgo

@fitheach @joel
The only #search engine to fully respect #privacy is It's a #searx meta-instance that filters out #CloudFlare sites. It has an #onion site and never pushes a #CAPTCHA on #Tor users. It's by far the best.

@joel damn, this is disappointing. I've used them for years.

@opentrash @joel do we have problems with duckduckgo? Its what I've been using. Cant get a searx setup at work, but I'll change minds eventually.

@charims @joel
Definitely better than using Google but DuckduckGo is US based of course and hosted on Amazon Web Services. I'm using a searx instance that was recommended on a security blog for now. We'll see how it goes...



It seems that Startpage will still be independent when it comes to its business strategy, so there will be no change in privacy policy. IMHO, it can still recommended search engine

@joel Well shit, I was about to switch over.

Well, if #StartPage really was sold to a questionable company, this would be a pity. I'm using it as my default search engine since many years. 😟

@publicvoit searx is good if you can find an instance that's not overly utilised (and so where the google bit doesn't time out)

#yacy never sells out. it can't constrict peers who scrape and configure for their own node.

@joel what is a good alternative? I've been using my own searx for a while, but my home server is out of commission and I went back to startpage.


There's no perfect solution, so it's really about choosing the lesser of the evils.

If you want true privacy online, switch off your Internet! There are still a few public libraries to visit... of course you'll still be caught on face-recognising CCTV and various satellite cams. ;)

Richard Stallman uses DDG:

@Mojeek is also worth looking into as an alternative privacy-focused search engine! (They're here on Mastodon, so that's a promising sign!)

@joel I saw this on Reddit and, but it seemed everyone was trying to give Startpage a chance to clarify what was going on.

Last I saw there was no defenative answer as to what "System1" was doing, so everything became suspect. :(

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