@joel Can confirm, this is an actual problem that keeps me up at night

@joel easy. Just press escape to enter command mode and hit the third button on the side with the Vim logo.

@profoundlynerdy @joel

πŸ”’ Steam if AAA
:msdos: GOG if DOSBox

Steam might get the AAA on Linux eventually. DOSBox runs on everything :blobcat:

@profoundlynerdy @joel are you asking about the custom emoji like the :msdos: logo?

If you are, instance admins can add custom emoji in addition to the standard set. It varies from instance to instance - check your emoji menu to see what you have available :blobowo:

@polychrome @joel

Got it, what about the... umm... "tabular" data in your profile Height : Socks, Pigtails, etc?

@profoundlynerdy that's "metadata" - you should be able to find that in your profile edit menu. It's a fairly new addition.

@profoundlynerdy you might find this web tool handy - built by @iliana this site lists an index of all the custom emojis available on a fedi instance. Give it a try: emojos.in

@joel if GoG had a Linux client for managing your library they would be ahead of steam here I think.

@vk I much prefer AppImages for storing games over Flatpak. I don't know about a "dark" repo.

@joel even adding Itch.io as a third red button wouldn't make a clean-cut 100%
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