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Everyone check out eagle mode file manger. You navigate your file system by zooming. You can view textfiles, pictures and videos.

Probably not useful for most people, but its so cool. You'll easily waste so much time on it.

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The CLOUD Act would let cops get our data directly from big tech companies like Facebook without needing a warrant. Congress just snuck it into the must-pass omnibus package. -

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@Krita โ€ 4.0 is here!

A new brush set from @davidrevoy SVG support on vector layers, combined brushes, Python scripting and the spanking new Colorize Mask Tool makes this one of the most exciting releases yet.

Hey has anyone heard of GuixSD?

It's a GNU distro with some special package manager (called Guix).

From what I understand its a @fsf approved distro with a new package manager that only contain free software.

I'm interested, does anyone know anything more about it?

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OpenStreetMap: now more than 1 million map contributors!

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and me, free to use under an open license.

A milestone has been recently passed which deserves some celebration.

Over the lifetime of the project, 1,000,000 different users have created a user account and made edits to the map.

Why not sign up right today and map your neighbourhood?


In terms of countries that respect its citizens freedom, the UK is kinda like the drug abusing uncle nobody wants to talk to.

For those who are either confused about this very social network or just interested.

This article is probably the best to explain it all, you could maybe even share it to a friend if you can interest them enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Used now for a month. Security, Privacy and Openess aside; there a some really fine, complete and lightweight apps!
and the - I don't wanna miss them!

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Friends don't let friends get hooked on #Adobe and #Autodesk subscriptions. Share this article to help them start on the path to using free and open tools (e.g. #B3D #Inkscape #Krita #Kdenlive #GIMP).

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Oh Forbes. Poor Forbes.

"If only one employee paid by your bank is also a criminal on the side you're supporting criminals every time you use your bank"

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Guys I just got the greatest idea for a project ever.

Let's port FarmVille to the fediverse

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I've been getting acquainted with after listening to the latest episode of FLOSS Weekly. My jaw is on the floor. I can't believe I hadn't tried it before. So many options... And the fact that you can self host it is invaluable. is way too centralized. looks like a better option.

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I long for the day that this game either works flawlessly in Wine, or has an FOSS engine reimplementation.


I joined rather late so I'm sure everyone knows about this, but Mozilla has a voice service.

I could think of a few projects that could benefit from this.

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@jk @Gargron @Vopo

X is the Tenth Gate. If opened, it releases the Darkness.

X Windows came out of the Gate. It's just another name for Windows 10. Apple's been secretly running it since 1999.

X11 is the Eleventieth Portal. It's eleven times worse than X. is the Xorgs. Don't mess with them.

Gnome and Kade both sit beside the Gate and will tell you that the other one lies. Maybe not even one of them is telling the truth.

Enlightenment is a mad druid who laughs at all who pass by.

I guess my only concern is that GNOME, seems to be pushing for some controversial changes and removals. Also with that recent reddit thread, KDE seems to me the absolute best a modern (or heavyweight) GUI shell could get for our community. If this new LTS gets in Kubuntu 18.04, I'll leave GNOME.