E estamos quase a entrar em direto!
Eu e o André Paula
vamos falar com o Luís Alves
sobre modding e water cooling em mais um do !

And we're about to go live with @UnaccountedFour
from @VennStone
as our guest!

Mais uma vez passaram-me o micro para a mão e eu comecei a falar de jogos para se entreterem em altura de quarentena.

‪Amanhã, eu e o André Paula do Linuxtech.pt vamos estar à conversa em mais um para falar de e .‬
‪Desta vez teremos um convidado especial!!‬
‪Amanhã, dia 15 de julho, segunda-feira, às 22:00.‬
‪Fiquem atentos ao YouTube e venham participar!!‬

I can't quite remember the first PC I actually built but I do remember I've started messing with components in the very first one I had. It was around 1997 and I was 17 (that's when I got my first PC, yes) and I didn't have internet.
Day 2: sound doesn't work. What are drivers?!?
And then, expansion PCI slots were not so empty ever again.

That sounds amazing!
Specially because I got hundreds of those DRM-Free games and I'm always too lazy to download the from said sources.

So, I read nothing about Budgie in QT. Is it not a thing anymore?

@tim My problem is not with the apps but the entire interface. I struggle to think of something I like in Gnome.
Still happy it exists as that’s the freedom we like.

Thought for a moment that linuxrocks.social was also gone for good. Feew!

Any recommendations on a good provider for ?
I'm in Europe, btw.

Third server I have to register because of server screwups.
Let’s hope this is my final account.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...