Privacy laws that focus on children's privacy don't actually help anyone.

EFF's @imck told @voxdotcom, “In order to verify somebody’s age, you have to collect a lot more information about them. How does that protect anybody’s privacy?”

The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible.

Putin has said that they are using precision munitions in Ukraine.

I have no way to prove or disprove this, but what is certain is that this image is of an unguided munition.

The coverup of identifying marks is another big tell.

But do you know what the biggest tell of all is?

The fact that the person holding the camera is right behind the guys playing with the bomb!

When was the last time you saw a news reporter being allowed to operate next to the bomb squad as they work?


Everybody knows Google collects you data...
But they think they can't know how much...

Clearly they haven't even LOOKED through their Google Takeout... Takeout has a lot of the data that Google has collected, and will not hesitate to use, but that's just the data that Google will let you have! (and probably only because they might get sued if they don't)

So, I just launched a new website! It's, the objective is to hopefully collect useful tip, tricks and tutorials to help new Deck/Linux desktop users make the most out of their systems.

I've got a couple of articles out already, but feel free to suggest any topic that you'd like to see me cover, plus feel free to contribute your articles via GitLab using simple merge requests.

Available at

Oh man, DuckDuckGo doing exactly something it shouldn't. I guess it will become a lesson learned for people that put faith in "good" companies.

Why haven't I heard about Invidious before? It looks so cool :ablobcatbongo:


CoVID-19 Hall of Shame

The countries that voted for an outcome that killed an additional 16 million people and prolonged the pandemic till 2024/5.

From OXFAM's report "Pandemic of greed".

Just Delete Me, a site which lists hundreds of services with links to delete your accounts with them!


Still using the same weak password you created 5/10 years ago and use everywhere? it's likely been leaked with your email address and could put your digital life in danger. Change them now, and put them in a password manager ✅

268!!! 😂❤🐧

We discuss the phrase "Free As In Freedom, Not Free As In Beer".
Is it okay for developers to charge for their work?

& a new partnership Canonical has with Vodafone.

+ our 🐧 tips, tricks & app picks!

Something I've pieced together over the years is that most people really prefer propaganda to hard facts. This is true across the entire political spectrum on all sides. We're all just sort of on board with "information warfare" where the purpose of discourse and media is to shape a narrative that helps achieve whatever goals we identify as being good. We recognize that speech is a form of power and we prefer it being used toward some end other than rigorous statement of unadorned fact.

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VPN provider surfshark has started to defeat the whole purpose of a VPN by censoring your ability to visit certain websites

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