@Horizon_Innovations His blunt style was perfect to address this situation. This arrogant self-indulgent misinformation has caused a lot of pain in many countries, and has made our societies even more vulnerable as a whole. 👍

@javier Huh. What a shame. Enrico Weigelt has been around for a long time. No idea what he used to be working on specifically, but I remember seeing the name in lots of places.

@galaxis I guess fear takes a toll on everyone. The addressing was harsh but generous on the information shared. It made me think that we can all work a little bit harder to stop misinformation.

@javier @galaxis
I really don't see what was harsh about it. 🤷
Is calling a spade a spade, harsh?
Because Enrico is literally an anti-vaxer (someone refusing to take a vaccine) and the arguments used are exactly the same as (the other) anti-vaxers: "I know better then the subject matter experts"/"I should be able to decide for myself whether I want it or not"/etc

Just because it's Linus Torvalds, doesn't automatically mean it's harsh. (and I think it's often overblown anyway, creating a meme)

@FreePietje harsh or blunt in these situations is not a bad thing. At the same time he was polite and caring. It made me think that we all have a civic and ethical duty to our society as a whole when halting misinformation.

@javier @FreePietje Mainstream news sources have lost a lot of public trust in recent years. Otherwise, misinformation wouldn't be nearly as a problem as it is now. E.G outside of the vaccination topic, it''s not hard to find people who consider journalists no better than propagandists. Maybe you feel self-justified in doing whatever you do, but I haven't seen any action that addresses anything other than the "symptoms of the problem".
@FreePietje @javier @galaxis

> "I know better then the subject matter experts"

Who, more often then not, are using proprietary equipment to get the results in question

You don't have to dig very far at all before you get science that is not reproducible in this area. The "experts", even without getting into phillip tetlock, here are building houses of cards on top of sandcastles on top of microsoft. We should *all* be skeptical of them. We should all get vaccinated, but this expert worship is unjustified.

@javier hehehe, and I would say that this is very "light" response :-).

@dammn yes, I even think it was generous and informative. 👌

@javier Awesome and good response. Linus style. Correct and direct. He does not win a diplomacy price with it, but that was to be expected :)

@javier "half-life"
and tadaa he thinks the vaccine contains radioactive material 🤦‍♂️

@javier Thousands (that we know of) have already died shortly after taking the injections. Of course you will not hear about that on the "news"

Here is one relevant example

Joel Kallman: 54-year-old Oracle APEX software developer who designed CDC vaccine tracking system, dead two months after first experimental mRNA shot

@javier Love Linus and his attitude in these emails.

@javier 👍

“And of the vaccines, the mRNA ones are the most modern, and the most targeted - exactly because they do *not* need to have any of the other genetic material that you traditionally have in a vaccine (ie no need for basically the whole - if weakened - bacterial or virus genetic material).”

Thinking that having a tiny part of the mRNA of the virus is more damageable that being infected by the whole virus 🤦

@javier @mike I have to disagree. While he's correct that these matters shouldn't be mentioned on technical channels, Linus is dead wrong in his argument. Clearly he doesn't understand what mRNA is and how it works. The mRNA just delivers the payload - new DNA instructions - and then the mRNA disovles. The body then produces what the new DNA payload said to produce. Sadly, what it will produce is poisonous to the human body.

@danielfgom Fortunately it's not Linus that's wrong. The spike protein created by the vaccine is not poisonous to the human body.


As for that video, I don't even know where to go with that one.


@mike @javier I'd say the medical community needs to look deeper into it because there are some very real and serious consequences for hundreds of thousands of people who have now developed all sorts of very serious medical conditions.


@danielfgom The problem with those statistics is there's no context to them. My mom died after getting her COVID-19 vaccine too. Like 6 months after, and she'd had Alzheimer's for a decade and couldn't walk or talk or eat by herself, but still after. There hasn't been a serious connection made to the COVID-19 vaccines and a significant increase in health related issues that outweighs the risks of COVID-19 itself.


@mike @javier Sorry to hear about your mom. That's very sad.

I certainly get your point. But I hope science is seriously looking at possible connections because it is concerning that so many people who were previously healthy have developed such serious diseases. IF there is a possible link, I thnk we'd all like to know.

Time will tell I suppose.

Linus explicándole a un antivacunas como es el tema. Me encanta porque te putea con dulzura.


@pthenq1 sí, de acuerdo. La verdad lo sentí hasta generoso

A bit later in that thread someone posted this:
"For those who want to debate the merits of various medicines, feel free to create your own mailing list, or
*an IRC channel on Freenode.*"

Now that is savage 😎 😂


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