Looking for a way to contribute to the MX and/or antiX projects?

We are looking for a translations coordinator to help our current translations team!

Details here: forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

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Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"

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Great extension for on
Audio Equalizer 🦊 Fix those unbalanced and annoying audio sources on the go. Works fine with YouTube.


is locking out users from using the web version of the messenger. To solve this intrusive gate you have to manually update Chrome's useragent override declaration in the about:config
Source: forum.palemoon.org/search.php?

"Those tiny micropayments that users had tossed into the Archive’s virtual tip jar had accumulated, growing into more than $2500 USD!

This was an unexpected windfall. It was also proof that the current web, the one that’s driven by ads that know our every move, doesn’t have to be the web of the future. There could be a better way that’s secure, private and supported by its citizenry." blog.archive.org/2019/04/15/a-

El navegador #Brave te permite dar propinas a los sitios que te son útiles. Archive.org ha recibido US$2,500 por esta vía a lo largo del tiempo. Un modelo distinto para que los sitios puedan mantenerse sin recurrir a la publicidad invasiva que te sigue por todos lados. blog.archive.org/2019/04/15/a-

MX Linux published a new website!

It went live last night thanks to the hard work of their webmaster Peregrine.

Redesigned to be more functional and have a new sleek look, it also is intended to work very well on mobile.

Check it out here and maybe give MX Linux a chance on your PC? ==> mxlinux.org/

Amazing how much #Debian #Linux has fallen in the #Distrowatch rankings o'er the last coupla yrs vs #Ubuntu and its derivatives 😑.
Now the #systemd -free #Debian-based Linux distros #MXLinux and #AntiX Linux have caught up and are even surpassing the above.
MXLinux at #1 and AntiX at #8 (and rising!)

Have you tried ? I've been using it as my main distro for a few months by now and it's solid, fast and reliable. Rolling release based on Here's a nice introduction on it youtu.be/FUGd99GRAfo

I know that the relationship with products goes deeper than just a brand of technology. Its users buy a self-indulgent social group pass, not only a piece of hardware. Here are some of apple's engineering failures, or to say it in other words, how to build a multi-million company. youtube.com/watch?v=AUaJ8pDlxi

LinuxChix is a community for women who like Linux and for anyone who wants to support women in computing.


I'm currently debugging some issues with my Raspberry Pi, and I'm hovering somewhere between steps two and three of the xkcd shark attack sequence. xkcd.com/349/

If you don't hear from me after this, assume it ended in sharks.

I've been through "My Activity" for my Google account before, but just realized that the account associated to my Android phone logs all my app usage and sends it back to Google. Things like when I used an app, how many times, how long. Feeling uncomfortable.

They also automatically adjust their size to fill really small containers and only overflow as a last resort

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