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Can't install MX Linux in Gnome Boxes. Anybody has done it?

Made my Fedora to look like Ubuntu. I tryed to like vanilla Gnome, but it gets too much out of my way. I like to see all open apps and the app launchers all the time. Ubuntu does a great job in tweaking Gnome! The only things needed are Tweak Tools and Dash to Dock.

After playing around with all the colors on my RGB keyboard, I realized, that I like plain white backlight the best. No need for fancy colors, no need for RGB any more. On the other hand, it's nice to have all those colors on the rare occasions I want them. But plain good old white is the best :D

Installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my laptop. I'm very impressed, I'm going to keep it. Everything works great, it's beautiful and Ubuntu's version of Gnome is much easier to use than stock Gnome. I like it a lot! Canonical has done a fantastic job!

One of the RGB LEDs on my HS60 board only emits blue or green light, nothing else (no red, white, etc). It worked normally in the beginning, this stared a few days ago. Anybody has any idea what can be the problem or had similar experience?

New board is finished. HS60 hot-swap PCB with QMK firmware, Zealios v2 67g switches, 5Β° alu case, alu plate, GMK screw in stabs, Enjoypbt key caps. The other one is my good ol' Varmilo VA88M with MX Browns. Both are fantastic, high quality boards, but this 60% is going to be my main one from now on. If you want fully assembled TKL, Varmilo is awesome! Building your own 60% is even more awesome :D

@hund right shift stab can only be mounted the other way around as it should be. The cutouts for the wire on the plate are on the other side. The backspace stab's wire faces away from you, so it fits the cutouts on the plate. This one doesn't. Strange.

I've put a ton of lube on the stabs, but the space bar is still horribly loud. Any suggestions?

All parts have arrived :) I had inserted almost all switches into the plate+PCB, when I realized that I completely forgot about the stabs :D Had to pull out everything and start over :D Now I'll just have to screw it into the case and put on the key caps! It's so nice to have a hot swap PCB, which is by the way the HS60.

Is there any cheaper, good enough alternative to silent Zealios, a.k.a. Zilent switches? I'm seriously thinking of building a cheaper 60% board for work too. I don't need the fanciest parts and the best switches for that, just something tactile and silent.

Zealios 67g switches have arrived! Compared to my MX Browns, they are much more tactile! Now I understand why Browns are called dirty linears :D

You only need 62 switches for a standard 60% ISO keyboard, but since you can only buy switches in packs of ten, you'll have to get 8 extra switches. It's nice to have a few pieces in reserve I guess...

I''ve installed Pi-hole on my raspi 2 running Raspbian Light. It blocks a ton of crap and it hasn't broken any websites yet! No worry about Chromium dropping ad-blocker extensions :D I can really recommend it!

I've switched to Gnome on Fedora. Running Fedora Workstation 29. Honestly, I like it.

Upgraded to Fedora 29 Xfce. I hope this great distro won't be messed up by IBM.

Anybody upgraded to Fedora 29? Can you install the folks with hats repo? It fails for me with access denied 403 error. Is it just me?

Anybody rocking a Casio G-Shock? How are you satisfied with your model and which one would you recommend? Is the GW 5610 with solar+radio really that great as its reputation?

About Google, Alexa and the others: I don't need, don't want an AI assistant for my personal life. I've got a wonderful wife, thanks ;)

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