Keyboards with QMK firmware and Linux work so well together. It's so easy to change the key map and just flash it!

Libre is shorter, but free and open source is more meaningful.

Windows or Mac :D Seriously, Fedora. Although I'm on Mint / Windows dual-boot right now.

Well, it's better than Windows imo. Linux is best, of course ;)

Yes, it's the best choice. I was thinking of something like a Varmilo TKL (which is not compatible with Mac) or WASD TKL.

Custom 60%. PCB is hot swappable from (HS60), case is 5Β° diamond alu from kbdfans. Switches are Aliaz 60g.

New, shine-through, doule-shot key caps arrived. YMDK from Amazon. I got tired of the blank, non-transparent key caps.

Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB RAM!!!!!
USB 3!!!!!!!
INSTANT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that Lineage OS supports my OnePlus 6, I can go Google-free again. The only thing I'm gonna miss big time is Maps, especially the turn-by-turn navigation. Last time I was Google-free, I couldn't find a good replacement. Any good alternative to that? I really need a reliable navigation app.

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