Reddit is a dangerous place. The way from mechanical keyboards to automatic watches was pretty short for me, thanks to it.

@istvan stay clear of /r/fountainpens, that is a rabbit hole you will never escape

@matt @istvan
Yea, but then you discover the joy of writing with a fountain pen making it 100% worth it.

@KyleRuzic @istvan I will never go back to ballpoint as my writing utensil of choice. Fountain all the way, followed by a well sharpened #2 pencil.

(Mechanical pencils are bullshit)

Nice :D I've only gone so far, that I like my OnePlus wireless bullets.

Nice! I haven't tried those but my 5t still has a headphone jack so I don't really have a need for them.

I've got the 6, which is, I think, the last reasonable and practical OnePlus - unless they go back to their senses. The mechanical front facing cam that sticks out completely ruins it for me. Should you drop it while taking a selfie or video chatting and damage the camera, you're done. Much worse than Samsung's infinity screen, which is very unpractical, but at least it's amazingly beautiful.

I like that camera because I never ever use the front camera. Lol.

I see :D In that case, the new OnePlus is a beautiful full-scree n phone!

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