Is anybody into automatic watches (e. g. Seiko)?

Kind of, but I'm only really interested in the skeleton watches, iirc, there's some good options from Invicta too.

@architect I see. I'm mostly interested in affordable Japanese brands like Seiko, Citizen, Orient. I like diver most. Strongly considering a Seiko diver (SKX or Prospex) or the Orient Ray 2.

I'm too dependent on my pebbles to wear traditional watches much but I do have a couple and really like them.

I have a Seiko SNK809 that I really like.

@kelbot That's a very nice piece with great reputation! I've been looking at the SNZG13K1, which is very similar to this one. How has the accuracy been over the years? @architect

I haven't really worn it continuously enough to really get a solid feel on that. It has been accurate enough that I haven't noticed it getting off when I do wear it.

@megriffin First I want to get the taste of automatic watches and see how I like them. I'm most interested in divers. So I'd go for something nice and affordable, say around 200-250 Euros. I'm seriously debating between a Seiko (SKX or other Seiko 5 or Prospex diver) and the Orient Ray 2. I'm leaning towards the Orient, because it looks so great for the money, with a modern movement, but Seiko seems to be the more time-tested, future-proof and solid option.

@istvan Orient is owned by Epson, that is owned by Seiko. πŸ˜‚ In other words, Orient, in other words are a budget version of seiko

Yep, I know, but they have different in-house movements and they're different brands. Which means, servicing an Orient in Europe might be more difficult than a Seiko, since Seiko is just so ubiquitous. But maybe it's not, I don't know.

@istvan Since you are a first timer, I think you should go with Orient first, since it is more affordable. And one of the good things of automatic watches they live quite long, if you use it with care

Thanks for the advice! I feel the same way. What's your favorite watch by the way?

@istvan I'm not a watch enthusiast, but I know a little about watches since I have a friend who is a watch enthusiast and seller. Myself, I prefer cheap durable watches, a Swatch Sir Blue, which is priced €60, and has never failed me since 2015

@istvan But if I have the money, I'll buy a Seiko Velatura Kinetic Drive Moonphase srx900pi, that costs €800

@istvan About your choices, they all look similiar, but if I were you, I'll go with the orient because it's more affordable.

Yes, the Ray 2 costs 200 Euros here and it has a movement with better specs (hand winding, hacking, +-15s) than a Seiko SKX, which costs over 350. Also, I personally find the Orient more beautiful. I know, Seiko has that iconic status, but I'm too new to automatics to care about it. Orient offers way more for less money, especially for someone just dipping their toe into this world.

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