I always thought Vim was just too difficult and not worthy to learn, but after switching to it about a month ago, I must say it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!

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@istvan a lot of users of vi and emacs make their editor out to require a genius to use which is unfortunate because they don't and it puts a lot of people off from using them. Good to hear you find it useful.

@Kittenz there's a learning curve, but not bad. You just need to find out how to do the stuff you need to do at the moment, then the next thing and so on. The best tutor is real life.

@istvan yeah and really someone could use arrow keys, learn how to write, quit and enter/exit insert mode and on par with something like geddit or notepad++ for the most part for quick edits

@istvan I'm a new Vim convert myself. Next is Qutebrowser...Muahahaha!

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