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Watching the soccer world cup on a Raspberry with Raspbian on it. Belgium just wiped the floor with England. Tomorrow is the final between Croatia and France. I'm rooting for Croatia, just because they're our neighbours :)

Deleted my Facebook account today. Haven't been using it for a long time anyways. I don't know if I really need Twitter and LinkedIn at all. Don't actually use them, why keep them? None of them is useful.

Screen tearing in KDE is soooo annoying! I'd love to keep Kubuntu on my laptop, but it just doesn't work - nor Fedora KDE! The touchpad hates Linux (libinput) as well, meanwhile everything works perfectly on windows 10 (dual-boot). Have to go back to Linux Mint Cinnamon, the only distro this laptop is actually usable with. I like Mint too, but Fedora and KDE is my favorite... I'm gonna go for the Mint-Y dark theme of course.

Finally I've pulled the trigger on my 1st mech keyboard and ordered a TKL Varmilo VA88M with Cherry MX Browns and red LEDs:
Not programmable, but soooo beautiful and has everything I need. Ducky was close to be the winner, but this board, especially with this all-dark color sceme, beats everything else for me.

Anyone else having trouble with shaking touchpad pointer on laptop? It happens under Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Antergos on my Dell Latitude E6430. It was so bad on Fedora after a libinput update, that I had to install something else. After trying different distros, it seems to be the least bad on Antergos. Now my Samsung SCX-3405 scanner won't work, which works great with all the other non-Arch distros. Beauty of Linux :D

Can you use a 60% keyboard really for everything you can use a TKL or full size for? I LOVE the idea of accessing the arrow keys on the home row through fn key. It's extremely inconvenient to leave the home row just to move the cursor when editing text/writing code. But does the lack of dedicated arrow and function keys have any serious drawback in other, common situations?

Just out of curiosity I checked the used market for a mech keyboard. I could pick up a CODE TLK (ANSI) in practically new condition for 100 EUR. The owner is selling it, because after 2 weeks he/she cannot stand the loudness of the Cherry MX Blue switches. CODE costs over 200 EUR over here, but dare I buy it??? :D :D :D

I think Antergos has the most usable and beautiful Gnome implementation out of the box, seriously! I'm running it on my laptop, the only problem is, that my scanner won't work with Arch generally. My desktop PC has Fedora 28 KDE, with which it works perfectly.

I tried the Razer Blackwidow chroma X with Razer green switches, I liked it a LOT! The only other switch I could try was the Cherry MX red. If the Razer Green is like the MX blue, I think the blue is for me! Many people complain that the blue is so loud that it disturbs family, so and they go with brown instead. Is it really that bad? Because the typing experience - based on the Razer green - must be fantastic!

Looking for a mechanical keyboard that is ideal for typing (blog, code), not gaming. Any suggestions for a particular switch or keyboard? Based on reviews, I think the Logitech G413 or G610 or Das Keyboard Prime 13 or a Corsair would be good. As far as switches are concerned, Cherry MX Bron seems to be a good choice, being not so loud. Almost everybody markets mechanical keyboards as gaming keyboards, as if they were only suitable for gaming.

Don't get why people & companies still use Subversion, when Git is so much better!

Tastes good, but I like the DE better :D

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It's really annoying when websites automatically default to a language based on your IP location. You will then have to fumble around trying to change it, in a language you may not know...

Even if we ignore the issue of VPNs, some of us live in countries with different languages than our own.

Ironically, Google Maps is the worst in this. An application one is very likely to use in a foreign location...

Git should be thaught in schools. It's such a basic skill in this modern world and not just for coding! For almost any kind of projects, like writing theses.

I run KDE on my desktop, Gnome on my laptop and I really like Xfce and Cinnamon a lot. i3 is also very interesting, I like using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. How extremely boring is Windows/Mac compared to this! :D :D :D

Git is awesome! Just sat up a private repo on my Godaddy shared hosted server and cloning, pushing, pulling etc. works without problems. I know Github is there for free if you want public repos, but isn't it just cool to set up your own private git repo using your own web hosting plan? :D

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So glad I waited for the 2nd gen Ryzen! 2700X is 300 MHz faster than 1700X and comes with a nice RGB cooler included! Costs about as much more as a decent cooler, so totally worth it! Gonna build an awesome AMD system to run of course Linux!

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So in my quest to find the best 'rock-solid LTS debian-based KDE distro' I have now added the following distros to my test installs: Mageia Linux (RPM-based) and Manjaro, a rolling release arch-based distro... Does this mean I am listening too much to the guys @DestinationLinux hopping around every week or sumtin? ???

KDE Connect is awesome! Copying files between my PC and my phone over wifi is so convenient and easy! KDE rocks!