I've switched to Gnome on Fedora. Running Fedora Workstation 29. Honestly, I like it.

Upgraded to Fedora 29 Xfce. I hope this great distro won't be messed up by IBM.

Anybody upgraded to Fedora 29? Can you install the folks with hats repo? It fails for me with access denied 403 error. Is it just me?

Anybody rocking a Casio G-Shock? How are you satisfied with your model and which one would you recommend? Is the GW 5610 with solar+radio really that great as its reputation?

About Google, Alexa and the others: I don't need, don't want an AI assistant for my personal life. I've got a wonderful wife, thanks ;)

Windows 10 is a slow piece of crap, even on super hardware. Being able to work on Linux should be a basic human right :D

Uploading an image fails with 500 internal server error on my desktop PC too. It fails on phone as well. Linuxrocks must have something.

It's ugly, it's rough, it's unfinished, but it's Arch with i3 and working wifi on my laptop :D and I can't even upload a screenshot, because I get 500 internal server error. Did I mess something up or linuxrocks has some problem?

Installing Arch really teaches you stuff. Just had to configure networking, because it didn't work after reboot. I've got the wired connection set up now, I leave wifi for later. Now I can install sweet stuff like i3 :)

I always thought Vim was just too difficult and not worthy to learn, but after switching to it about a month ago, I must say it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!

When installing Arch, first I forgot to format the boot partition. After I changed root to the installed system, mkfs.fat ... returned "command not found" error. It was weird. I installed it again and mkfs.fat -F32 /dev/sdaX run without error, but with no output like mkfs.ext4. After installing grub, I was able to boot into and log into Arch, so it seems everything went well. But is it normal, what mkfs.fat did?

Installed Arch base on my laptop. Tomorrow comes i3. I hope it's gonna go well :D

Fedora media writer cannot write a USB, because of lack of permission in i3. In any DE it just ask for the password. Had to start it from the terminal with sudo. Masters of i3, is there a way around such things? Is there a magical config entry or something?

After getting used to a mechanical keyboard, typing on a common rubber dome keyboard feels terrible. Key travel is like non-existent on those. I find myself pressing so hard, because it feels like the keys barely move. Is it only me?

@hund I really want to build a 60% mech like these sometime in the foreseeable future. I suppose this GH60 PCB also runs QMK firmware. Would it be a good choice?

Finally solved the most annoying problem in i3wm: to adjust the volume of the default audio output with the keyboard, whatever the default is at the moment. I change between my speakers and wireless headset often, so hard coding the sink index in the config file is a no-go for me. I fired up a GitLab repo for my script, in case anyone else finds it useful:

@ChrisWere can you please share your reason(s) for switching from Fastmail to Posteo? Is Posteo better in some respect? My Fastmail trial is going to expire soon, so I'm curious what made you switch.

Isn't it screenshot Sunday? Not much has changed over here, still rocking Fedora Xfce. Interestingly, I almost always find myself logging into Xfce instead of i3. I honestly didn't expect that to happen.

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