After a longer period of time spent on Mint 19->20 Cinnamon, I'm back to Fedora 32. Mint is beautiful and absolutely everything just works perfectly out of the box. Which is great... and also boring. Fedora is beautiful and 99% of things just work out of the box (after installing rpmfusion), while being cutting (or bleading?) edge. I also like the minimalist simplicity of Gnome (with some tweaks and extensions) a lot. My other favorite is still KDE though.

Any Halo players here? I've purchased the Master Chief Collection on Steam and I'm playing the Reach campaign. The story and the gameplay is SOOOOO fantastic! Now I get why so many people are such big Halo fans! I'll definitely keep my Windows machine for that :D

Keyboards with QMK firmware and Linux work so well together. It's so easy to change the key map and just flash it!

Any good mech keyboards for Mac? Is Anne pro good?

New, shine-through, doule-shot key caps arrived. YMDK from Amazon. I got tired of the blank, non-transparent key caps.

Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB RAM!!!!!
USB 3!!!!!!!
INSTANT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that Lineage OS supports my OnePlus 6, I can go Google-free again. The only thing I'm gonna miss big time is Maps, especially the turn-by-turn navigation. Last time I was Google-free, I couldn't find a good replacement. Any good alternative to that? I really need a reliable navigation app.

If you're looking for a Google photos alternative, check out Canon Irista:
15 GB is free, 100 GB is 2 Euros/month, you can share albums/photos AND IT'S NOT GOOGLE. Not open source, but so far I like it!

Anybody could suggest a good open source Imgur client for Android? Does such a thing even exist?

Seiko SKX007 automatic (mechanical) dive watch. Took some shots about it together with my keyboard. Mechanical keyboards and watches go well together, especially when both can glow in the dark :D Check out more pictures in the Imgur album, link is in the Reddit post:

Getting into automatic watches is the same as getting into mechanical keyboards: there's no way back to the arguably cheaper and more reasonable way :D You cold just have a cheap rubber dome keyboard like everybody else and you could just have a cheap quartz watch like everybody else, but it's just not good enough for you any more :D

Reddit is a dangerous place. The way from mechanical keyboards to automatic watches was pretty short for me, thanks to it.

Upgraded to Fedora 30. It's awesome. I feel no need and find no reason to switch to anything else. Seriously. Even Gnome with dash to dock is fantastic.

Finally I've found my favorite switch: 70g Aliaz. It's like Cherry MX Brown, but smoother and amazingly silent!

Going back to Zealios (from Cherry Blues). Much better sound and feeling! Experiment over :D

Got some T1 switches from kbdfans and compared it to my 67g Zealios. They feel exactly the same, the tactility feels exactly the same. It's a tad bit lighter then Zealios, that's all. The same thing for about half the price. Unless you want a different weight, there's no reason to buy Zealios any more. I wish the timing had been better for me, but at least I can compare.

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