Isn't it screenshot Sunday? Not much has changed over here, still rocking Fedora Xfce. Interestingly, I almost always find myself logging into Xfce instead of i3. I honestly didn't expect that to happen.

1. Fedora (Xfce, KDE, Cinnamon, NOT Gnome :D )
2. Manjaro i3
3. Antergos
4. Kubuntu
5. Linux Mint Cinnamon

Installed i3 on my Fedora Xfce machine, looks pretty good. Anybody knows how to get rid of those text highlights in vim? They appeared when I did a search, now they stay there even after a reboot. Pretty annoying...

Switched to Xfce (still Fedora 28) on my desktop and I like it a lot! Xfce does everything I need while beeing quick, simple, light and just as beautiful as KDE. Next step is setting up a nice i3 environment! Xfce rocks!

Switching between my speakers and wireless headset, adjusting volume and setting default audio output in i3 is a pain, even with pulse. It works so easily in KDE! This might be a deal breaker for me... Very sad, I like i3 very much. Am I doing something wrong???

I think it's great, that Mastodon instances can be thematical. Linuxrocks is a great place to discuss tech and Linux, but if it was flooded by all kinds of stupid posts and political and other non-tech arguments, it wouldn't be any better than Facebook or Twitter. Exactly that's why I left those (+data collection of course).

urxvt transparency via compton. i3 is beautiful and awesome!

My i3 on Fedora is shaping up well, installed rofi with the arthur theme. Already learned a lot about the configs, i3 is fantastic! I really prefer this tiling window manager over a "normal" desktop environment now.

Anybody has experience with Is it good? I've bought into to try it, but I'm still not settled on any service. I use free Protonmail for logins only, due to its lack of contacts and calendar sync feature. Fastmail, Mailfence, Mailbox, Posteo look all good, it's so hard to choose! Tutanota has a weird name for my ears :P

Cannot get past the authorization screen in Tusky. I tap to authorize, but nothing happens. Anybody else had this problem?

Deleted my Twitter and Microsoft accounts today. So much better!

According to my MS account info, there's no phone number associated with it. How do I get an SMS when I mark my account for deletion then??? Creepy!

OBS studio has massive problems with Manjaro i3. It just crashed and now it won't even start. VLC freezes the system when the video recorded by OBS is played and workspace transitions are messed up. This is a complete fail. Anybody any idea what might be the cause?

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