I decided over the last few days to move over to fosstodon.org why? Well mostly because I just don't use Linux. Yes, I know about the bsd.network instance being nice and friendly people there as well. But I think fosstodon is a good fit.

@Qwxlea @hund oh that's sounds interesting. I have to look into that. Thanks for pointing it out.

@hund yeah, that's nothing against 3500+ but more than 45. I remember old days. When everything was installed in userland. Better, stronger, faster..

@hund on manjaro 3539 in /bin
Fedora 978 in /bin
Void 632 in /bin
Freebsd 45 in /bin

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@hund for example look in /bin for any distro. Maybe Gentoo is more like bsd. A clean and fresh breeze. System vs userland.

@hund and what I don't like is the mess in system. But that's for all GNU/Linux distros.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@mike @timapple @kev I installed signal on my wifes phone and selected it to be the standard app for texts :)

@mike @timapple @kev hahaha that's lovely. And when on her phone she doesn't text you instead?

@mike @timapple @kev how did you get your wife on keybase? My wife doesn't have a clue of what pgp is 😂

Is Wire anything anyone uses? Or is it just with one or two of your friends?

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