Is Wire anything anyone uses? Or is it just with one or two of your friends?

@kev @isak Same. I was using it, but switched to basically using Keybase instead. I think I have one person I know that might still use it.

@mike @kev @isak You know of any interesting groups on Keybase Mike? I'm the opposite..i'm on keybase but never have talked to someone on it.

@timapple I don't really know of any groups, sorry. I use it to communicate with my wife, and I use it for talking to @kev and the other Fosstodon mods (we're all on there). I don't branch out much into other discussion though. That's what I'm here for!


@mike @kev @isak No worries... Sooner or later I'll actually use it...I can't get my wife on anything other than

@mike @timapple @kev how did you get your wife on keybase? My wife doesn't have a clue of what pgp is 😂

@isak My wife knows vaguely what PGP is because it's a pretty significant part of my job, but she doesn't know or care that Keybase is involved with PGP. I just told her that I was testing it out, and I needed someone to talk to, so here's your account. I installed it on her phone and started talking to her on it. I also put it on her computer (one of very rare times I touch her computer). Basically she uses it because I didn't ask.

@timapple @kev

@mike @timapple @kev hahaha that's lovely. And when on her phone she doesn't text you instead?

@mike @timapple @kev I installed signal on my wifes phone and selected it to be the standard app for texts :)

@isak i was going to setup a server to play around out of curiosity, but it doesn't federate, so i dno. just sticking with xmpp for now

@isak I don't use it. I'm pretty happy with XMPP and would consider Ring a better alternative.

@ajdunevent @isak @tsu

I've wondered the same thing about Wire.

So which XMPP server do you prefer?

@redandgreen14 @tsu @isak Ejabberd is supposed to be good, too, so I don't think you could go wrong with either. I've just only used Prosody.

@isak I have a group of friends on wire. We all use it regularly.

@isak I use wire. It is a struggle to get people using an app when txt messaging is so easy.

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