Is there anyone that got experience with openbsd on a MacBook pro retina early 2015?

@isak network probably won't work, Apple uses Broadcom cards that aren't supported on openbsd.

Graphics probably work.

This is arch Linux and is probably as good as it 's gonna get running something other then osx on Apple hardware :

@Qwxlea thanks for the link. Yeah, regarding the hardware that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the reply. I'll dig around a bit more.

@isak you can use one of those USB-network dongles, some are quite small (and cheap).

@Qwxlea @isak Do you know if the firmware plays nice with just swapping the card? Or are there no other cards in that form factor that Apple uses? (Was tiny when I opened up my Mac). 2014 MBP in my case.

@js @isak I doubt it. Apple is not good in playing with the other kids.

Google did not show anything after a cursory search.

But, a small dongle might do the job, and it's cheaper and simpler then replacing a custom card.

@Qwxlea @isak Guess I have to wait for CoreBoot on it then 🙂.

@isak @js @dvillao bookmarked. Installing openbsd is really quite straight forward. Used to run it on my thinkpad x220, which is perfectly supported, even using my phone for internet was simple.

As a secure minimal alternative you might look at alpine Linux. Many of the design decisions are modeled in openbsd. Harare support is better, though.

#openbsd #alpinelinux

@Qwxlea thanks, might install it on my x220 as well. I will definitely try Alpine Linux on my MacBook. Thanks for pointing out out. @js @dvillao

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