I decided over the last few days to move over to fosstodon.org why? Well mostly because I just don't use Linux. Yes, I know about the bsd.network instance being nice and friendly people there as well. But I think fosstodon is a good fit.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Is Wire anything anyone uses? Or is it just with one or two of your friends?

@hund I just installed manjaro i3 on my better used x220 😎 are you still interested in the other one?

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In most of my non-existent free time, I spend it on my nerdie needs. I have a big passion for and technology and with an enthusiastic interest in GNU/Linux, . Paranoid by nature.

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Just realized that I never made an , I have moved around a bit in the fediverse before I settled here on linuxrocks.online.

I am Isak, a 30+-something guy, working as a registered nurse, RN, CCRN, TNCC, at one of the biggest Emergency Care Units (ECU) in northern Europe. We get the most/severe traumas in the capitol area. When I not working at the ER I spend time with my family, two little boys and a wife needs attention.

I just tried to write an of some sort. Then *bang* it was to long and extensive. So I had to shorten it a lot. Made me sad. So I decided to wait..

@rain1 alpinelinux.org is as close to openbsd you can get on Linux. Small fat and reasonably simple.

Originally designed with firewalls in mind. Then add a small Linux. Note the main guy works for docker, and it is a great base to create docker images.

Recommended, but so is openbsd, which has the best man-pages bar none, you could administer pens from the man - pages. Two great choices.

#alpinelinux #openbsd

Just discovered @Tutanota Open Source Email App on @fdroidorg
Thanks for your efforts to publish your app on F-Droid! Definitely going to try it

Please boost to help me find more geographers, I can't possibly be the only one in tootland.

My one frustration with #ActivityPub federated stuff right now is that they integrate, but only partially. I have this account, but I can't use this account to access #PixelFed. I have to create an account on pixelfed.social, and then I can follow myself from my Mastodon account? People who follow me here on Fosstodon don't follow the PixelFed account. I COULD boost my PixelFed account from Mastodon, but things just get awkward. Then we add #PeerTube into the mix, or other federated stuff.

Is there anyone that got experience with openbsd on a MacBook pro retina early 2015?

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If you are a #webmaster, switch from #GoogleAnalytics to #Matomo (formerly #Piwik) for your website analytics.

Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more:
- Free open-source software
- 100% data ownership
- User privacy protection
- User-centric insights
- Customisable and extensible
- Easy to use
- No data limits

Link: matomo.org

#FOSS #privacy #opensource

I just realized that the reference birdsite is Twitter and not the mastodon instance bird.site. Ouch..

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