@archtoasty Have you found something you like? The 1800-layout is pretty cool.

@piecritic Shipping switches for €8.70 from Belgium is not expensive. It's a reasoanble price considering the distance and shipping time.

@speaksthegeek That looks like a cool service, I have to check it out. :)

@speaksthegeek Isn't it better to use a service that's morally okay and respects your freedom and privacy?

And even though you encrypt the data, there's still the issue with metadata. Remember that they kill people based on metadata[1], that's how valuable and revealing it can be.

1. theguardian.com/commentisfree/

@piecritic Expensive? What makes you think the switches is expensive?

@piecritic And you can buy in SEK. Just change it when you pay with PayPal.

@piecritic The shipping for 90 switches is €8.70. Which is reasonable.

@piecritic @bun Considering how common our 3 extra letters are in our alphabet, I refuse to use a keyboard that doesn't have them on the top layer. :P

@piecritic I read it wrong. I thought you said to Germany. The switches is a Swedish project, the colours are matched to the same colours on our flag.

@piecritic It would be euro from a German vendor as well. But the price is about the same anyway. If you pay with PayPal let your bank/card issuer do the conversion, not PayPal.

Shipping shouldn't be expensive from them. I have ordered from them before and shipping was okay for me. :)

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@archtoasty It was hard to see, but I took a chance based on the floating key design and the RGBY-mods. :)

@G_Dog1985 Pinafore is still back on an old version. :)

@gvhoecke @kev Following your the local timeline of your instance and other cool instances is a great way of finding new cool people to stalk. :)

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