@barszczyk It feels like I have a few things to look up. :) I just left my life of coffee for tea, so I'm still new to everything other than the regular Earl Grey tea. :D

@murks I think it's an issue with the instance or something. They worked for a while. :)

@antaeus That depends on a few variables. Do you have XMPP or are you on IRC? It would be a lot easier to chat there than here. :)

@matt @Strit How can you know that when I didn't mention which distro I'm using? :)

And even if you get a lot of kernel updates, it doesn't mean you have to install them and/or reboot every time. All updates are not regarding security vulnerabilities. :)

@Strit @matt I use a rolling release and I very rarely have to reboot.

I think that Arch Linux might have given the concept of rolling release a bad reputation. Which is not that strange considering their compulsive behaviour of building and pushing every single package. :)

@OpenComputeDesign One of my computers is a Core 2 Duo E8400 with 2GB. It's not much it can't do. :)

@pedrosaclout The people and the sense of community. And obviously the ethical side of it. :)

@johndoe666 Just use common sense and you will be fine. :)

@nebunez @kev Unlisted doesn't appearer on public timelines. :)

@nebunez @kev Can't you use some kind of unlisted/private way of doing it? I bet you will loose a lot of followers for doing it. :)

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