@noodlepastries It should yes. I havent used Wine in like 10 years. But what about right clicking on it and choose "Open with.." or whatever they call it? :)

@noodlepastries That's two packages; "wine-stable" and "3.0-1ubuntu1". :)

@kelbot You can do everything with a keyboard! Don't be silly! ;)

Buy why not get a regular trackpoint thingy that sits next to the keyboard? :)

@benoitj Haha! :D There's the tap dance feature as well, where one single key could to 100 different things. Add that to the mix of toggable layers and well.. you have a lot of keys. :)

@coffe @kelbot The reason I'm recommending a Swedish store is because of the "distansavtalslagen" which lets you return the products in 14 days if you're not happy with it. :)

@coffe @kelbot I don't know much about the firmware thoug. I usually keep away from PCBs that's not supported by one of the popular tools. :)

@kelbot Do note that it doesn't have a standard layout with that top layout. So finding keyset with 100% compatibility can be difficult.

@kelbot It's a great starter board, especially with that price. :)

@kelbot Zorro? I've never heard about them before. I need to look them up. :)

@kelbot Weirdo! :D I do my best to avoid all mouse usage.

That's really cheap! I hope you like it. :) What switches did it come with?

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