I've been having issues with high memory usage on my Nexus 5X. It turned out to be Lawnchair alone averaging at more than 500 MB of my total 2GB of RAM.

I replaced it with the KISS launcher that's been averaging at 20±3 MB of RAM.

No more force closing of applications when switching between them as well. :)

My new PCB has shipped and is on it's way. Exited Hund is exited!

It's the Sentraq S60-X and it's same one that I already have, but I like it and having the same for both keyboards means that I only have to maintain the source code for one board.

I'm exited to migrate to my new ISO-UNIX-layout as well. :)

Meanwhile on YouTube: Seven minutes ads that you can't skip through.

My friends newly built 60% keyboard. :)

It features the DZ60 PCB from KBDfans, lubed Zilent switches from ZealPC, EnjoyPBT Black on White keycaps, lubed GMK screw-in stabs and the Alf DC60 case. All with a pretty WKL bottomrow.

I got my Gateron Red switches and a few white DSA keycaps today. I'm not looking forward to desolder my keyboard, but I'm very exited to switch to a UNIX layout though.

I just realized that I could quite easily get my keyboard to be a little NES inspired by only changing two keycaps.

I can't deicide which version I like the most though?

I think I have found my new numpad! Unfortunately the only one in stock is the red one. It's pretty but I prefer black or grey things only. :)


Both my BIOS and GRUB looks like this. Everything works just fine once X is started. I have no idea whats wrong?

I'm very exited (but also a bit nervous) about going from a standard ISO-layout to a HHKB-layout soon.

And let's just hope that my desoldering skills doesn't let me down either. :thaenkin:

I replaced i3bar with Polybar, I really missed having the client titel in the panel when I was using i3bar.

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