Spoiling myself with a Chai Latte and a mini brownie. :)

I inteded to upload a screenshot this sunday, but I got busy with life. My desktop is as boring as always I guess. :)

I'm running :gentoo: with :i3wm: as always. :)

Fullsize image and a bit more info on :deviantart: deviantart.com/hundone/art/My-

Mail day! One package with free memory sticks from a friend, for my decade old server. And hopefully slightly newer tea and coffee for me. :)

My oak trees 4 days ago vs today. I'm not sure what's really in our water here. :P I guess I have to give them their own homes any day now.

I've been having issues with high memory usage on my Nexus 5X. It turned out to be Lawnchair alone averaging at more than 500 MB of my total 2GB of RAM.

I replaced it with the KISS launcher that's been averaging at 20±3 MB of RAM.

No more force closing of applications when switching between them as well. :)

My new PCB has shipped and is on it's way. Exited Hund is exited!

It's the Sentraq S60-X and it's same one that I already have, but I like it and having the same for both keyboards means that I only have to maintain the source code for one board.

I'm exited to migrate to my new ISO-UNIX-layout as well. :)

Meanwhile on YouTube: Seven minutes ads that you can't skip through.

My friends newly built 60% keyboard. :)

It features the DZ60 PCB from KBDfans, lubed Zilent switches from ZealPC, EnjoyPBT Black on White keycaps, lubed GMK screw-in stabs and the Alf DC60 case. All with a pretty WKL bottomrow.

I got my Gateron Red switches and a few white DSA keycaps today. I'm not looking forward to desolder my keyboard, but I'm very exited to switch to a UNIX layout though.

I just realized that I could quite easily get my keyboard to be a little NES inspired by only changing two keycaps.

I can't deicide which version I like the most though?

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