Once every century or so, I manage find a wallpaper that actually matches my desktop.

Fullsize: framapic.org/8YNtklb9T3H6/gEYP

I think I have found my new numpad! Unfortunately the only one in stock is the red one. It's pretty but I prefer black or grey things only. :)


Both my BIOS and GRUB looks like this. Everything works just fine once X is started. I have no idea whats wrong?

I'm very exited (but also a bit nervous) about going from a standard ISO-layout to a HHKB-layout soon.

And let's just hope that my desoldering skills doesn't let me down either. :thaenkin:

I replaced i3bar with Polybar, I really missed having the client titel in the panel when I was using i3bar.

I can't sleep and it's still Sunday at some places around the world, just not here, so I'll showcase my boring and very old phone for this .

It's a three year old Nexus 5X rocking LineageOS and it's doing a great job doing so. Well, except for the battery and the limited storage.

It's the national cinnamon roll day in Sweden today, so I to make some. :)

I noticed that you can /finally/ (once again) swap the buttons in LineageOS. No more constant reaching for the most use button.

I didn't expect to find this in Gentoo.

I got my Let's Split keyboard sold the other day and I'm going to send it to the new owner today.

I feel a bit sad to part with it since it's the first keyboard that I ever build myself. :) But I can't keep items that has value if I don't use it.

I didn't like how resource hungry streamlink-curses was and that it couldn't show me any information about the stream at all, so I wrote a simple Bash script that uses Twitchy and prints the online channels with some information. Sure, it's not interactive, but it uses less than 1MB of RAM instead of almost 200MB like streamlink-curses. And I can use Rofi to launch a stream anyway. :)

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