I got the brilliant idea to use my jacket as a background for a (hopefully) better looking photo of my keyboard. :)

@hund ooh! What is that? Ducky? Also, is it silent? I'm on the lookout for a compact and tenkeyless new keyboard that is as silent as possible (the clicks kills me when I have a migraine :/ )

@Drakfot It's a custom built keyboard. I call it the Black diamond because it's black and the case is called Diamond. :P

But I could probably help you find anything. :) What size are you looking for? 60%? 65%?

@hund Ah I see :) Well, I am currently using a Logitech K380 and am quite comfortable with it. But it is always interesting with alternatives. Not sure about what size it would compare too though, but something in that range so to say. Have any suggestions / pointers for me? :)

@Drakfot I have a billion pointers. :D You don't happen to have XMPP? Or are you on IRC?

@hund My shell should still be on IRC yes, let me check :)

@hund that is n i c c e ! is that a BDU i see in the background? :thinkergunsunglasses:

@archtoasty Thanks! :D No, it's just a regular jacket. I've always liked that kind of clothes ever since I was a little kid. :)

@hund I can imagine that keyboard in classes teaching you to use Vim. 😀

@selea Jag hade inte råd med det. :(

Närå, kostnad var förvisso en faktor, men även tillgänglighet och valfrihet när det kommer till layout. :) Några av mina krav är PBT-plast, 1,3-1,5mm tjocka, Cherry-profil, ISO-Enter och eventuellt svenskt språk.

Och om du vill ha allt det brukar det kunna springa iväg en del rent prismässigt, om du har tur att ens hitta något.. Därav blanka. :)

@selea Just ja, dyesub eller dubbelskjutna legender är ett kriterium om det ska vara text också.

@hund looks good. I really want to make my own keyboard but ideas are still forming: ISO with an extra key in left shift (for § instead of $ in shells, change / to ¦ for paths), double height enter instead of tab (to shift-space) and capslock (gone), thinking about alt-gr (3rd symbols, including APL), compose( fzf style unicode selector)... dunno yet

@buckshee Thanks! That's a lot of very specific scenarios. Check out the QMK firmware and see what it can do for you.

@hund wow, those 3 linked at the top are amazing, you give me hope for my cheap little RK61 too

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