Follow talks about being a privacy respecting e-mail provider, yet they use malware like Google reCAPTCHA. :/

@hund only for registration. I haven't been exposed to it a single time after registration.

@hund yes it does. But "just" one time for the registration. And you can prevent the installation of the cookie

IMO: is still a good option if you are interested in your privacy.

Btw. which email-provider do you use?

I've been using Mailbox for a little while and have nothing bad to say. reCaptcha sucks, but I only saw it once.

@Pancuronium It's enough to make me hesitant unfortunately. I currently use Fastmail. They say they're privacy respecting, but they're placed in the wrong country for me to be comfortable. I've been using them for a very long time, but I have been looking for options for a long time now.

@hund I didn't know reCAPTCHA was evil. What does it do?

@whatcraic It tracks users. And in true Google spirit it bullie users with other browsers and if you use For you can't get past it at all.

@hund it's frustrating that a lot of so called "freedom respecting" and "anonymous" sites still use Google tracking and such, you can't even use an adblocker to get around that :/

@immychan @hund I'm sure i'm preaching to the choir here, but any site that claims to be privacy or freedom respecting and then uses trackers are either liars or incompetent, either of which will compromise the freedom and privacy they claim to respect.

@hund The common one... unfortunately. Hate websites that require you to pass reCAPTCHA to proceed with auth. But there can be even worse case: when the website is behind cloudflare...

@alexcleac Cloudflare is unfortunately just as common. :(

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