I removed Tiny Tiny RSS and went back to running Newsboat with 'local' feeds again. It's partly due to the overhead it (and the SQL-database) adds to my server and partly due to how the developer himself behaves towards his users.

@foggy I have tried it and I really like the interface, but it lacks some basic features like filters and there's no easy way of installing it. :/

@hund Recently moved away from TT-RSS as well, due to the Dev’s behavior. Don’t have time for that.

@hund I have tt-rss as well, but I haven't opened the web interface for ages. I only use it through newsboat.

So, I'm using a VPS for nothing, which I need to maintain and update... Even miniflux would be too much.

But, I do need to sync, because I open from two different places. Maybe I can put the urls and cache file on Nextcloud? Do you sync?

@chozron The only issue with that is that you need to make sure that only one instance is reading from it. It would be cool if Newsboat would support DecSync.

@hund You mean open from two places at the same time? In my use case that would never happen. Since one is at work the other at home. I never have both PCs open at the same time.

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