Here's a website dedicated to list plenty of reasons to not use Facebook or any of their malicious services.

(Thanks to @joacim for the link.)

@paulakreuzer @hund @joacim that seems odd, DuckDuckGo does not detect any tracker. And Facebook doesn't offer hosting or cloud services - since Parse was shut down.

@michel_slm @hund @joacim

Oh well, then maybe it's a bug in CloudFirewall. I contacted the creator of the addon via his Gmail address. 🤦‍

@michel_slm @paulakreuzer @hund @joacim
Not sure how "Cloud Firewall" works, but perhaps it's blocking "*facebook*" in the domain?

@tc @michel_slm @hund @joacim

Yeah, that's probably the bug. It's also blocking

I don't think it had this bug in the past though.

@paulakreuzer @tc @hund @joacim I use Firefox with Facebook, Google, and Amazon containers - so they launch in sandboxes and trackers they insert in third party sites basically can't see squat

@hund @joacim of course, publicly Facebook claims to want to be regulated (just on their own terms)

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