@hund Nice writeup! Which app are you using in your android device? And how large is the impact on your battery?

Oh and since your blog misses a commenting system, have you already had a look into commento? You can choose to self host the system if you're into that. commento.io/

@dotcs Thanks! :) I use the client with the same name.


I tried Commento in the past and while it works, it's not that good and the development of it seems to be pretty much dead.

@hund I use the same client in a Pixel 2 device and find it rather battery hungry. If permanently switched on it's one of the top consumers on my device. Still better than being exposed to an insecure network though.

Thanks for the note on commento. I planned to use it for my upcoming blog, but I'll need to find out if it does make sense to rely on it after what you have said.

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