I'm currently trying out the search engine Ecosia. It's the privacy respecting search engine that plant trees.

* ecosia.org
* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecosia

Thanks to @simon for recommending it! It looks good so far. :)

@hund @simon I think #ecosia uses Bing Search. Isn't that right? I'm not sure whether Microsoft has access to any sort of user data.

@gadonias @simon "In 2018, Ecosia committed to becoming a privacy friendly search engine. Searches are encrypted, not stored permanently, and data is not sold to third party advertisers. The company states in their privacy policy that they do not create personal profiles based on search history, nor do they use external tracking tools like Google Analytics.[14]"


@hund @simon Thanks, I didn't mean to say they would sell users' data but in their privacy policy it is stated that the searches are anonymized within one week. I was just curious about how this data is handled in the meantime; but if it's encrypted, maybe it isn't a problem after all.

@hund I think they have an Android browser also.

@hund I was going to suggest Ecosia on your previous post (mainly because you dismissed all the other viable options), but didn't because you don't like the Bing search results. I tried it for a while, but returned to DDG.

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