What's your preferred keyboard size for your main keyboard (that's also programmable)?

Image showing the physical sizes: framapic.org/z6yrExfoRYWx/mM6r

I'm collecting data for a future project. Please don't mind the ISO-layout in the example images, it's not relevant here.


@hund Personally I don’t mind the ISO‑layout cuz that’s a proper layout. 😺

@kmicu I know, I just don't want to anger the weirdos. ;)

@tfb I'm going with something 'common' for my first product. :)

@Ghosty A mainstream prebuilt keyboard with premium quality, QMK, hotswap, underglow and all that for a (hopefully) decent price. :)

@hund How do you want to accomplish that?
Sounds pretty time intensive (especially the "prebuild" part :D)

@hund You? Naive? What drugs do you take?

I want them ;P

@eviloatmeal That's a far to uncommon layout for me to support right now. :)

@Unairedspecifics The keycodes has nothing to do with the size and layout. :P

@hund would be neat if it were converted into two buttons instead 😇

@Unairedspecifics It's 1.5U large. It's not possible, but with the QMK firmware you can make it do multiple things in various clever ways.


If I didn't use my main keyboard for work, I'd probably prefer 80%.

Work involves a lot of numerical data entry, though, and I'm much faster at that with a number pad than I am with just the number row, so I'd be forced to go with 100%.

@ajdunevent I'm planning on offering a complementary numpad/macropad as well. It's going to look just like the keyboards. :)

@hund Previously 60%, now 40% OLKB but that's not an option (Why does Mastodon only allow 4 options?)

@trawzified The exotic sizes and layouts is a project that's far down the road. :)

@hund Oh, just read the comments and I didn't realize you were actually going to build some! Thought it was just general research.

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