Are keyboard lights important for you? What do you prefer? RGB backlighted keys and/or underglow? Or none?

Please tell me! I'm doing some research for a future project.

I like subtle backlight for easier viewing of keyboard when my fingers can't reach a key and I have to look at my keyboard to find it.

Backlight I suppose. I want to see the cap labels in complete darkness. RGB for shortcut highlights and estethics.

@hund I do have backlight bit disabled. Tried to enable it and switched layout instead :P

@hund Maybe it's also interesting to note whether people like them for the looks or for functionality? Personally, I really like underglow effects

@hund personally I'm function before form. I always prefer backlit keyboards. I tend to like white lighting but rgb is good too as long as it can represent white well. Could care less about underglow. In fact It feels like the backlight is bleeding out or something haha.

@hund Not only do I not care about lights, I specifically don't want them.

@hund I actively avoid them. They're a negative point in the buying decision, for me. Which option is that on the poll?

@hund It is unpleasant for me to have colored lights in my peripheral vision when I'm trying to concentrate on the screen.

@hund If I'm just going to turn it off, why am I paying a premium for all those LEDs? They're not cheap, you know. Plus you need the special switches that house the LEDs, and special double moulded keycaps for the light to shine through the lettering, and extra wiring and all that.

@hund Besides, the range where you get a keyboard that is expensive enough to be quality, but cheap enough that they bother to put in lighting, seems like quite a small area in the middle of the price range of keyboards.

@eviloatmeal There's a reason I'm looking into making my own mainstream keyboard. :)

@hund Well, as someone who spends hundreds of dollars on keyboards, I'd appreciate a keyboard that isn't afraid of just being a keyboard, no bells and whistles.

If it came with plate mounted Cherry Reds and ortho function keys, I'd be interested. ;^)

@eviloatmeal The added cost isn't that much higher. And you really don't need anything, if you're not going to use lights you can use any switches and keycaps. :)

@hund There’s no ‘No. Just No.’ option (aka ‘Wasteful complexity’).

@hund I only care for them if I can set them to a dim red light, so that they are not terribly distracting. Any other color and they might as well not be there.

@hund no lights please. I hate color emissions from keyboards

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