@hund Blizzard: profits over people.

I really hope there’s a significant backlash against this. It’s nauseating how international corporations are submitting to this strong-arming.

@someguynamedmatt I didn't expect this from Blizzard, but I guess it's to be expected from any publicly listed company as they're required to make profit.

@hund @someguynamedmatt This doesn't surprise me for one bit. Blizzard has changed a couple of years ago, completely lost its way. I hope this year's Blizzcon will have some empty seats.

@emergencyexit @hund yeah, my cynical wasn’t surprised this happened. Amazing that they acquiesced yet South Park managed to get it right.

@hund I assume Blizzard makes nice profits in China so they don’t want to be banned there like South Park after ‘Band in China’ episode.

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