Here's another, err.. unique screenshot for . I know I'm really boring, but I really like my setup! :D

Full size image:

@hund @selea

you should delete one red candy that shows your system's temperature :D

@hund @selea

mine is up more then 50 C for GPU most of the time

@hund @selea

btw i've laptop here with a hdd and hdd makes it much hotter then ssd, i'm sure laptop temperature will go quiet down to less then 40 C with a boost of performance too with ssd because laptop stops to upgrade for more fans.

@dru18 @selea SSDs makes a huge difference in terms of performance. :)

@hund @selea

yeh but i've some issue with my system or linuxmint 18.3 with ssd so i had to use hdd

@hund @selea

when i install linux mint 18.3 on my new hp laptop with ssd and after i click finish button to complete the installation and reboot the system with it, system just get hangup without reacting anything. but it does not happen with my old sony laptop even with ssd. another this is that this issue comes with new release like linux mint 19.2 tina would have or beta release of mint not with solid stable like 18.3.

but mint 18.3 with hdd on hp is working solid as always.

@dru18 Have you tested another disk? It sounds like it's faulty.

Lovely, as always 🙂 . So glad some keyboard components made it in there or I'd be worried about you.

@MereLinuxMortal Your daily dose of keyboards are important! Keyboard deficiency is a serious health issue!

@hund Nice, a tiled window manager. I wanna try that too, but don't know how yet =)

@jonas You start by installing it via your package manager. ;P If you want to get started, just let me know and I will help you.

I'm no way some almighty wizard, but I've been using tiling window managers for like 7-8 years now. :)

@hund 8 years is wizard level =) I think I tried to install i3 once, but didn't get it to work. Now I'm on a fresh Mint XFCE install. What manager would you recommend?

@jonas Okey! :) I use i3 myself, I think it's a great option that comes with a lot of features without being bloat or difficult to use. :)

@hund very minimal and to the point! My chill desktop post got rejected on /r/unixporn because it "wasn't busy enough"
Love yours!

@s31bz Thanks! :) The subreddit r/unixporn is a very weird subreddit, there's a lot of people who don't like it there. There's a reason someone created r/usabilityporn instead. :)

@hund Like it! Do you use anything special for you bar?


More than 0 emails in INBOX!!1!

Love the clean setup :gentoo:

@dyamon Thanks! I use e-mails in several different ways. :P

@hund not boring, always a pleasure to see a tiled desktop :D do i see a twitch icon? what do you use for the info at the top?

@fey Thanks! It's showing the currently online channels on Twitch. The panel is Polybar. :)

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