The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.


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@rho There's not a lof of people who buy Cherry MX anything, unless they're already soldered to an OEM-keyboard. :) Those who build their own keyboard often buy other brands.

@hund Why are folks avoiding them? Are Kailh or Gateron more commonly preferred? I always heard Cherry MX had the "better" switches, though I very well may be falling prey to marketing.

@rho They're different, not necessarily better or worse. They all have their pros and cons. :)

Most Gateron and Kailh switches are cheaper, which is a large factor for a lot of people. Gateron are generally a bit smooter than Cherry, but have a little bit more wobble instead. Gateron and Kailh comes in more variations as well.

And being different from mainstream is important as well! ;)

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