@hund @hund I'm sorry, but I am a bit tired of this opinions (which maybe is my problem). If people fighting for human rights derived from technology are not capable to adopt and respect other fights and be sensitized to other opressions, maybe they are not the people that deserve to lead it. At least we should be a bit autocritical. A bit. But no, we aren't and free software is the only thing that matters...

@hund I'll try it again :).
We are trying to combat gender bias in all our circles, including those which you would thought that sould be easy as science or leftish circles. Imo, doing that is aligned with the free software philosophy as it is to combat capitalism, racism or any other abuse from dominant. What enervates me is that many RMS (male) defenders don't even discuss the problems that may arise from some attitudes by him that are usually minimised as "eccentric".

@marcelcosta Did you really read the article? :) Stallman is not perfect, his social skills is lacking, but anyone who's not too busy bullying him should be able to connect the dots there.

But I guess it's easier to bully people we consider different rather than trying to understand them.

And no, I'm not taking sides here. I don't believe in sides, I believe in the right thing, whatever that might be.

@hund I do have read the article. I'm not against RMS, but against the attitudes that generate gender bias. And RMS is not the only one that have them, of course! So that refletion should be done by many people. What I ask is that we should seriously take into considerarion how to avoid this discrimination especially by people keeping power and visibility. It's not about lack of social skills or being diferent.

@marcelcosta Is he? That's actually not something I've read before. Do you mind sharing some links to his statements?

@hund In the original post of Salem G. there are some, and also links to some illustrating comments by him. Jokes sexualizing women, comments undervaluating woman contribution to some of his projects... and there is the thing of sending an unappropriate letter at least minimizing the involvement of his friend with a minor girl...

@marcelcosta Considering the fact that Salem lied about what Stallman said and how she has behaved in regards to all this I wouldn't use her as a rather trustworthy source.

@hund well, at least I've read the interview where RMS showed little respect for woman contribution to his projects and demonstrating little interes in the real discrimination to woman. Although maybe the sexist jokes may be false, at least I am worried about them. Why do you say she lied?

@marcelcosta Read the part "Lies, Damned Lies, and Journalism" in the article about what Stallman actually said and what she then twisted it into.

I know that he has both done and said some highly questionable things. Probably a lot more than I know of, as the only things I know of is his philosophical views on incest and that he has at least once eaten something from his foot.

I think it's civil to wait with the pitchforks until we have actual proof before we ruin another persons life.

@hund I don't think she lied. She posted the whole text and interpreted Stallman words. In any case would be missinterpretation, not lie. I'm talking about the original article, not derived journal posts.

In addition, I wouldn't disauthorize all the arguments by this possible misinterpretation. What I'm saying is that we should be concerned in the case they really are true. And at least what I have read about and from him concerns me.

@marcelcosta @hund as a person who follows GNU mailing lists for over a decade I’ve plenty of examples how RMS’s unfit to lead GNUorFSF projects.

Nowadays he makes more harm than good;to easily and *unnecessarily* gives ammo to freesoftware/copyleft opponents. A lot of folks canceled FSF subscriptions b/c of his trivial mistakes, a lot of contributors actively avoid GNU projects.

That last event was the last straw that broke the camel’s back

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