Omg he finally did that, so glad to hear it! Let's now hope a non-man can replace him at the fsf...

@pauloss As long as it's a sympathetic and kind person, I don't care who it is. :)

RMS resigning from FSF, rape/sexual assault mention 

@hund @pauloss it's always been pretty clear to me that he has some degree of neuro-atypicality, and that comes through in "odd" social behaviors and obsessions with seemingly small issues...such as refusing to go to a friend's house to watch a movie on Netflix, thus sacrificing an opportunity for social connection because it doesn't fit your with your Free Software axiology...or whether Minsky "assaulted" one of Epstein's victims.

But you can't go around saying shit like that. If that gets stuck in your craw there's probably a reason for it, and that reason very likely leads to you legit being an asshole.

"Sexual assault" is so commonly used as a euphemism for rape anyway, so he doesn't have a fucking point.

@teslas_moustache @pauloss I was talking about the replacement, not Richard himself. :)

I'm sure he has the heart in the right place, but hi's as smooth as an mechanical keyboard switch lubed with super glue.

@hund @pauloss yeah, I know. I'm with you. I hope the replacement is a nice person as well. But I also kinda hope they're not a cishet white dude.

I think his heart is in the right place, but his head is super glued to the wrong place, along with his mechanical keyboard.

@hund holy shit. I didn’t think he would ever resign.

@kev Me neither, but I guess he didn't have a choice this time. :)

@hund yeah, I think so. I believe he releases a statement about the whole debacle. Couldn’t find anything on his blog though.

@kev His 'blog' is a bit challenging to navigate. :) I usually use search engine to find any information before trying the embeded search feature on most websites.

@hund This seems like good news. A fresh face would help the FSF's image. I think too many people probably write off RMS as that tinfoil hat guy that hates Windaz and eats toenails.

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