Fairphone 2 was released in late 2015 and production stopped in 2018. I really hope they're working on a Fairphone 3!

My current phone is pretty much dying and all alternatives (including the Librem phone) is not an option. I really want something ethical, sustainable and something that will last me for a long time.

@hund you can recycle two cans by removing one flat side of each can and then connecting the other two sides with a string.

@mooshoe I tried that, but it doesn't work with my tin foil headset. :(

@paulakreuzer They sold out in 2019. The Wikipedia article said that they ceased production in 2018. :)

@hund Interestingly WP backs that claim with a link to the same article I linked to and it says nothing about when production stopped.

@marcelcosta @Fairphone I have seen them, but I'm a bit vary about putting out that amount of money on a phone that's been on the market for 4 years when they /might/ release a new one soon. :)

@hund @Fairphone I suppose it's a good option if they /may/ release a new one!

@hund they did state that they are working on a Fairphone 3, but no idea how much time it will take.

@ChrisTalleras Maybe. It's way too soon to see how that goes. :)

@hund for as far as I know the phone market you best bet is to get a device from china . They have normal prices and are pretty decent. That way you can just buy a new phone when it breaks or gets too slow. Its not sustainable though. Unfortanatly there are no good options there.

@hund My multiple i9300 and i9305 are cheap (~70$), can be practically libre and still get updates. Replacement batteries are still easily available
Second-hand stuff FTW

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