Rant about family and social medias. 

My mom was involved in an accident last weekend. I found out about it days later, by accident..

Apparently it's the norm to make a post about it on Instagram and expect everyone to find out about it there. The only issue is that I don't have Instagram.

What annoys me is that my family and friends share everything there and I'm always left out in the dark. I seriously don't know a bit about anyone anymore because I don't want to use unethical platforms. :/

Rant about family and social medias. 

@hund by the way, it is terrible that no one talked with you, you know, there are still phones in this world, and it isn't that hard to pick up the phone sometimes, and talk with a family member, a friend or whatever.

We need, and will make the diffrence.

Have you tried convincing a family member, ir a friend, talking with you using xmpp, which you'll host by yourself?
It would be much easier for both of you...
And much more ethical than whatsapp

Rant about family and social medias. 

@techit Thanks! I have converted a few to use XMPP, but it's basically only one who share things with me in person via private chats.

The norm is to share everything publicly on their social media accounts. :S

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